I have noticed, as most of you probably are, that life seems to be a series of similar situations over and over again just happening to be on different days and perhaps amongst different peers. It seems as if, lately more than usual, after something occurs I find myself thinking “I had a feeling this was going to happen”. Usually one would say that to prevent accepting the fact that they have been caught off guard or that they have been disappointed, hurt, etc., but I don’t believe that is entirely true.

Intuition is much stronger than I think most like to believe it is. That knot in your stomach isn’t just there because it wants to be.

You’d think that reliving the same feelings and scenarios with different twists here and there would get boring or make you immune to feeling/reacting as strongly as you did the first time, but apparently this is not so. I wonder how many times is the “norm” for one to relive the same scenario before they actually learn from it and are able to experience something new? Is it only negative situations we seem to get intuitions about and have to relive over and over again or is it possible to experience the same sort of joy serveral times too?

It seems as if no matter how well you know someone or how well you think you understand a situation there’s almost always room for disappointment. I said a while back that I would never have expectations anymore because without them you can’t be disapointed but it’s a little easier said than done.

Intuition is your body, mind and soul’s way of warning you and protecting you and I believe that because of that, the only person you can entirely trust is yourself and the only information, your intuition.