1. American Apparel is not afraid to openly judge people by more than their resume.

If you or someone you know is interested in working for American Apparel, please send your resume and a photo to Spring at spring@americanapparel.net or visit the open calls at our store to apply.

2. There are some sweet enviro friendly products to buy that do more than just profit the company, which I dig so don’t hate.

“Yes to Carrots” line donates donations through sales profits to purchase seeds and agricultural supplies for sustainability to communities in need.

“Organic Surge” supports an orphanage in Kenya and a children’s charity in Uganda with their profits.

3. The United States government has no morals, still.

The United States military has created a pill that changes the hard drive of our mind to erase memories of traumatic events. This will be great comfort to those who have endured war or violence of any type. It may become available to consumers in 2019.

I don’t know about you but this is pretty scary if you ask me.

4. Priorities among consumers are questionable.

Sales of consumer goods in Canada 2008:

Sun care $130 million annually
Anti aging $200 million annually
Lip gloss $100 million annually
Mascara $175 million annually
Colourants $310 million annually
Foundations $190 million annually
Shampoo $330 million annually

Priorities among Canadian women are hair coloring, lip gloss, mascara and foundation. Perhaps if they spent more time concerning themselves with sun care they wouldn’t need so many anti aging or “beautifying” products. Over $1 billion annually is spent on beauty products and only a third of that on shampoo?

5. Not all Subways accept Subway gift cards.

I went to get a sub today at the Subway near work, go to pay with a subway card and the guy tells me “I don’t have a proper modem to read those, I can’t accept. Cash, debit or credit only.”

Why does he have a sign advertising Subway cards then?

AND in conclusion an interesting article you should probably read: