February 2009

I just think these are some cool versions of some good tunes and/or just some sweet finds.

Metric – Help I’m Alive (acoustic)

New Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown, I really dig the lyrics

Laura Barrett – Robot Ponies, really sweet sounds

Wintersleep – Oblivion, way better than the stupid ghost song!

The Waking Eyes – All Empires Fall, loved this song the first time I heard it

The Stills – Being Here, live at the Beach Studios when they were in Calgs.

Kings of Leon with Eddie Vedder – Slow Night, So Long, I love the Kings and Eddie so much! haha

OneStarCity – Lost in a Moment, chill band from Van.

All Systems Go – All I Want, lyrics ❤


Everything is exactly where you left it. I wonder everday if the situation is the same vice versa.  Seems as though every time I take two steps forward I am drug back three.

I can’t process something that doesn’t make sense. I want so badly to say forget it, who cares? … but I can’t.

It’s not easy going from feeling completely fulfilled and sure of where you are to just confused. If I was convinced so easily of what was apparently not there, why won’t it happen again?

We tried again.
I fell harder.
I hurt more.


Big Ben, 2007 trip to London

Just like a river, your mind is always roaming, there is no shutting it off. Random thoughts really never seem to be that random after all. As much as you try to focus on one thing or block another out something else seems to persevere. The reasoning as to why? Who really knows.

More times than none you really should just learn to go with the flow.  There is only so much one person can do and as hard as I’ve wanted something to work it still didn’t. There are times you need to realize that your efforts and time can be spent better elsewhere.

No one should ever compromise their dreams, their ideals or their goals for anything other than realization that one has reached themself.  Moments ago I felt complete, until everything I thought was right turned around on me emphasizing the importance of what I am doing for me and to attain my ideal self first. Conventional or not, I am doing what I feel is best.

It can be tough to hang on to your freedom while in a relationship because love and life are both about give and take.I have accomplished so many things I have wanted to at this point in my life, and I can only work towards accomplishing more and surrounding myself with people who support the process.


Elbow Falls, Kananaskis

What a rocking place. I do believe everyone should experience it once in their lives. From the bustling streets of Times Square and Broadway to the trendy shops and cafes in Soho there is so much to see and do.

New York is ALIVE.

This is what I noticed:
– Locals are EXTREMELY nice.
– There are minimal homeless people wandering — I actually saw maybe 2.
– There is lots of garbage.
– Subways suck on weekends.
– Someone is always awake.
– Pretzels are too salty.
– Times Square is a big corporate American waste of precious energy.
– Shopping is unreal.
– There are custom shops for everything.
– There is never nothing to do.
– There is never nothing to see.
– The statue of Liberty is far away — and overrated.
– Architecture is way nice.
– Cabbies are fiends.
– Steaming sewers are gross.
– Madison Square Gardens is the best venue to see a concert.
– The Saddledome would be way better if they had escalators like MSG.
– Kings of Leon rock it.
– I must go back.


Jasper Johns piece in the MOMA