What a rocking place. I do believe everyone should experience it once in their lives. From the bustling streets of Times Square and Broadway to the trendy shops and cafes in Soho there is so much to see and do.

New York is ALIVE.

This is what I noticed:
– Locals are EXTREMELY nice.
– There are minimal homeless people wandering — I actually saw maybe 2.
– There is lots of garbage.
– Subways suck on weekends.
– Someone is always awake.
– Pretzels are too salty.
– Times Square is a big corporate American waste of precious energy.
– Shopping is unreal.
– There are custom shops for everything.
– There is never nothing to do.
– There is never nothing to see.
– The statue of Liberty is far away — and overrated.
– Architecture is way nice.
– Cabbies are fiends.
– Steaming sewers are gross.
– Madison Square Gardens is the best venue to see a concert.
– The Saddledome would be way better if they had escalators like MSG.
– Kings of Leon rock it.
– I must go back.


Jasper Johns piece in the MOMA