Just like a river, your mind is always roaming, there is no shutting it off. Random thoughts really never seem to be that random after all. As much as you try to focus on one thing or block another out something else seems to persevere. The reasoning as to why? Who really knows.

More times than none you really should just learn to go with the flow.  There is only so much one person can do and as hard as I’ve wanted something to work it still didn’t. There are times you need to realize that your efforts and time can be spent better elsewhere.

No one should ever compromise their dreams, their ideals or their goals for anything other than realization that one has reached themself.  Moments ago I felt complete, until everything I thought was right turned around on me emphasizing the importance of what I am doing for me and to attain my ideal self first. Conventional or not, I am doing what I feel is best.

It can be tough to hang on to your freedom while in a relationship because love and life are both about give and take.I have accomplished so many things I have wanted to at this point in my life, and I can only work towards accomplishing more and surrounding myself with people who support the process.


Elbow Falls, Kananaskis