I am sitting here trying to write a paper. Actually, I need to write two papers and study for my last midterm.  Instead though I find myself inspired to write about you. It’s strange how things can occupy your mind so easily.

Although I am confident I have plenty of room in this brain of mine it is not hard for it wander. I really do enjoy school, and my major. I generally even like everything we talk about in my classes I just hate the concept of being tested on it, or being graded on my opinions. I guess you could say I am against conventional education.

I wish there was another way to prove you are worthy — that could I suppose extend to all aspects of life if you think about it. It’s so easy to say I will allocate a certain amount of time to studying something specific, or by a certain date until I realized how much easier it is to day dream instead.

Pleasant memories and thinking about how happy I am about a certain aspects of my life almost seem easier than accepting my fate — I am not done school and I still have to work flipping hard to get to where I want to be.

Thinking back to the not so distant past though, I realize that you and I weren’t always so easy and that everything worth it in the end requires a little work.

Off to write scholarly works I go.