May 2009

I am not sure why I feel so inclined towards local music but I have a few ideas. Not only is it ‘cool’ to say you listen to a band from your hometown or even province, country, etc., but it is also a really good atmosphere. From what I have noticed, local shows are far more favorable than huge stadium events for sell out artists. I love the intimate feel a nice pub and a good band give.

Usually the people surrounding you at local shows are more inclined to have tastes similar to yours as well, when you get into those big number stadium shows it’s easy to come across someone who only knows the biggest hit of the artist they just paid $50+ dollars to go see.  Heck at local shows its even fathomable that you may end up being able to hang out with/talk to the band afterwards, HOLY &$^@ right?

I recently read an article on “music snobs” and I would like to say that I am not trying to portray myself as such I am just implying that perhaps taking a night or two to go see someone local may turn out in your favor. Another plus is that it’s usually free and/or extremely affordable. Don’t get me wrong I flew to NYC to see Kings of Leon in one of the largest venues around and it was awesome but I obviously don’t do that everyday.

One of the best shows I have been to was actually the CD release of a local act called the Shagbots, a band that my boyfriend told me about not long ago, at the Palomino.  They had two other local acts opening for them who were really good as well. The one band I had seen before at a small show a while back and the other was new to me, Gunther, which I wasn’t expecting to like nearly as much as I did. Gunther had no lyrics and was just three guys  rocking out hard, with really intense drums. Needless to say vibe was really good, a small venue packed full of people who were there for the same reason: some good music. The Shagbots obviously topped the night off when they came out in tiger unitards to play their always energetic, never disappointing set.

My friends, I encourage you to venture down the street and find a local act to listen to this Saturday night. Despite the lack of a “scene” in Calgary I do believe there is some good talent here and the only way the bands will get better and want to keep playing good music is by feeling the support of people like you and I.

Some of the local Calgary bands I am inclined to admire:

The Evidence

Shagbot tiger unitards, so hot

Shagbot tiger unitards, so hot


Cuban Cigar Crisis —

“Words, words, words they say, and to your dismay, it says they know jack shit.
They are intellectual thoroughbreds and little less…

You will take what you’re entitled to when they entitle you…

Words, words, words they say and their salary pay regurgitating bullshit.They were born for oval offices and nothing less…

We all saw the buildings fall, we know they did it all.”

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.
Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.
Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drown out your own inner voice.
And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

Will there be a test on this or are we all ready taking it?”

“Rome didn’t fall in a day, it took some working towards.
They had their sport and holiday, didn’t know what they were in for.
Rome didn’t fall in a day, didn’t even know it would.
They fed the kids and went to work, life generally was quite good…

Just remember this holy empire to which you pledge your allegiance also killed the man we call Jesus.”

Real lyrics.
Sweet lyrics, actually.
You should probably pay attention to lyrics.