June 2009

Obviously without technology we would be in a very different place, and this note in fact would probably never exist.
It is unfortunate, however, the amount of flaws technologies may have.
Take for instance today when I was using the wonderful technology of “WORD” to aid in my paper writing.
Usually word is pretty swell as it checks my spelling and will sometimes even give me proper grammatical corrections.
I admit sometimes I even use the handy right click thesaurus tool to phrase my sentences better.
As of today, that use of thesaurus right click tool will be no longer.
Since when are “amazing” and “incredible” synonyms to “something”.
I pity those who know no better and take the WORD corrections and suggestions as gospel.


It irks me when people do what they said they wouldn’t and that there are only so many reliable people out there.

It also irks me when my hot water runs out and I need to have a cold sponge bath instead.

Bill 44 is another POS.

Never having a weekend off is also up there on my list of not-so-fond-of things.

Doing the job of someone who regularly gets paid far more for much less is also pretty shitty.

Feeling like I don’t belong in this city anymore is not only irritating but scary as well.

Where should I be?  I hate that school is the only thing holding me back right now.

On the flip side of the piss off my next few months are going to be rad:
July 4th is Cabe’s birthday
July 23rd I get to prowl San Fransisco
July 24th I will be in Costa Rica for 1 month volunteering, surfing, horse back riding, hiking, snorkeling, waterfall rappelling, zip lining and other sweet things.
August 22nd I get back and get to go out of town right away for Pearce’s birthday.
September 21st I turn 21 and get to celebrate
September 30th and October 1st I get to spend time with the Dalai Lama and in conferences about humanitarian involvement

I wish I could be doing cool things all the time and not be working a lame job in between.

I sometimes get frustrated with my words and find it hard to orally communicate them (yeah I assume most of you will have brief dirty thought after reading that).  There just seems to be more comfort in written words. Written words to me are more honest as they can be kept more private and the thought put into them is more reflected upon. As eloquent as one may be at speaking, their words are still always coming as they think rather than having been reflected on and specifically chosen. I suppose that is why I find facebook notes and blogs so useful at times to my reflective process or why books, poems and lyrics in songs impact me the way that they do.

I’ve found that lately I am a specifically rather terrible communicator when I need to express my emotions through spoken words because I hate saying things incorrectly or without thought first. I want to be sure of what I am saying and sure I fully mean it, but when you are on the spot and in the moment it becomes that much harder and so instant.

This note for example, I have re-read and edited about ten times already, because I can reflect on what I have written and tweak it to be exactly the way I want it. If only there was a pause button in real life to take those moments to ponder before you speak. Much chaos in many lives could most likely be prevented through such processes, or better diplomatic relations perhaps?