The first few days were a little hard to handle. I live with a Costa Rican family who speak NO English thus my Spanish skills are getting intense. I live at the top of a mountain that I walk down everyday for work and walk back up usually after soccer or something of the sort.

It’s pretty sweet here but adjusting was a wee hard. We are at our one week mark and have been uber busy. We are almost done building bathrooms at the gymnasium, planted a load of trees and such (more tomorrow), sanded down to renovate desks at the school and made a few murals for the local kids.

Team ISV dominated the locals on the soccer field last night.  It is really fun to be able to interact with the people on such a level, it opens your mind to the broader concept of all people being the same. When you can share a laugh on a soccer field full of people who do not even speak your language it speaks volumes.

My host family loves to break out in dance and song. It gets dark at 6pm and bright at 5am –you can imagine my sleep pattern.

We fished yesterday and I got a sweet trout, no big deal. Who knew the antiquated fishing via bamboo pole would actually be effective?

The people here are some of the nicest I have ever met! It feels really good to be surrounded with such good people. Everyday is enjoyable and I always look forward to the next. It’s definitely a different way of travel but one I sort of feel myself preferring. Everything is planned out for me to the extent that I don’t need to worry about what I’m going to do next but also that I am pleasantly surprised when it happens.


Team Proturco hanging out in the septic tank hole