Our projects in Santa Cruz officially ended yesterday with us helping out the Boy Scouts during their garbage pick up. The kids here are so awesome.  It was really fun spending the afternoon with a group of kids who really seem to love life, while doing something for the community as well.

It was Leeanna’s 20th birthday yesterday so half the town (literally) met on the road outside my house and walked up the hill to her house with a mariachi band and cake in the pitch dark to suprise her. It was the most hilarious night and just shows how great the people here are. They took us around to the garage that they made into a party room with balloons everywhere. If you have to spend a birthday in Costa Rica, that is the way to do it.

Me and some of the girls got our nails done by a lady here because we had so much cement caked in them. It cost us $8 each meaning after the five of us she had made $40, she told us that that $40 was enough to pay off her debts. I was somewhat shocked but very humbled at the same time.

Tomorrow we leave Santa Cruz at 6am via public bus to Heredia to get split into our new groups, as much as I enjoy this country I do not like the public buses, especially while lugging a huge backpack.

After the night in Heredia it is either to Samara Beach or white water rafting on the Carribean coast, everyone’s getting really excited.

There is a fiesta with the comunidad esta noche for our final adios, my house mom told me she is going to cry, she’s so sweet I will miss her.

My Spanish is balling now by the way, just so you all know.


Noelia my host sister and I

Noelia my host sister and I