Holy smokes has this month ever flown by. I can’t believe how amazing the people I have met are. I really have made some amazing friends and I have also challenged myself so much to do some amazing things.

Since we started the adventure tour it has been GO GO GO and definitely worth the minimal sleep.

Our group’s first stop was Samara Beach on the Pacific coast, a really sweet rasta sort of small surf town. We had some sweet beach side eats and drinks, late night swims, and lots of heat. We kayaked to an island about a 30 minute row away and snorkeled around it, kayaked back and went surfing the first day.

Our next stop was Rincon de la Vieja which was pretty sweet as well: an eco lodge in a Costa Rican national park with some really cool activities. The day we arrived we hiked to natural hot springs over looking the flowing rapids below. Then we crossed the river, which I almost fell into, to a swim hole.  The next day we woke up rode horses to a water fall. We jumped off a cliff into the falls, hiked back to a bus that took us to go tubing down the rapids for two hours and then to a mud spa to relax.

That my friends is a typical day on our adventure tour, imagine the adrenaline and fatigue all at once.

Yesterday we got to La Fortuna where we are staying in a hotel overlooking the Arenal volcano. We went to the Baldi hot springs water park for the afternoon and had a blast. This morning we woke up to do ten 1 km zip lines above the jungle canopy, a 200ft rappel down the side of a waterfall and then a visit with the Maleku tribe to drink chicha and listen to their songs.

Jealous, I KNOW! Not to mention we always find bomb little hole in the wall restaurants that make the end of the day so much better.

Tomorrow we catch an 11am boat to an island in Tortugero and kayak some more through the national park jungle canals.

I had a bank scare cause it wouldn’t let me withdraw money, thank god that got fixed.

Time for the Carribean side.

I am still having a blast even though I am tending to mega surf rashes, bug bites on my ass and bruises everywhere.


Me zipping on a line in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Me zipping on a line in La Fortuna, Costa Rica