I feel all of a sudden that life is moving a little too rapidly for me.
I am now officially an adult world wide, 21. I used to think that it would be ‘cool’ but now all I see is accumulating numbers. With the difficulty I have been having with job hunting I also see the months slipping by oh so quickly and bills coming do even more rapidly — another kind of accumulating numbers.

I finish my degree in July, if it is this hard to find a part time job that requires little to no qualifications how am I going to land a job in my field? Will I be stuck living at home forever? Will I be bound to month to month floating by with minimum bill payments?

All you seem to do in your last years of school is resume build, and get your GPA up after realizing it’s crunch time. So once you’ve done that, then what? I have decided to apply for my masters but then what? Even if I did get in, it’s not necessarily in the fall, it could be a year away, and only minimal time out of my week meaning I still need a job of some sort, and some kind of liberation.

Slow down a second, please? I need time to figure it all out, then again I’m starting to think we never do.

St. Paul's Cathedral, London

St. Paul's Cathedral, 2007 trip to London