October 2009

I am totally tired of all of this Swine flu crap. It is complete proof that people will latch onto every word the media feeds them. Canada came out with a vaccine for H1N1 before it became an epidemic and I do not know anyone who has had or knows someone who has had the flu.

People are going overboard on this whole thing, as soon as they feel sick they panic about having some deadly flu and overlook the fact that it’s cough and cold season, get over it. It’s especially pathetic that places of medical practice (ie: clinics) post signs saying to leave their clinic if you have flu like symptoms, thus, if you are sick, we don’t want you here. How does that make sense?

What made me especially sad was sitting in a clinic the other day waiting to see my family doctor a lady and man walk in essentially fully garbed. Gloves and masks, full sleeved clothing. To me this is a little, okay a lot, outrageous. Don’t you feel like idiots? Obviously, the women looked over at me justifying she was being overly cautious just in case. I really think this has gone overboard, perhaps if people were keeling over like the plague I would be worried, but we aren’t and quite frankly I don’t think we will.

I can definitely see how people believe this to be a ploy for pharmaceutical companies to make more money, I can also believe it myself. People are so drugged up these days it is outrageous. I do agree modern medicine has its benefits, obviously, but not everything requires drugs. Need multivitamins, maybe you should eat healthier foods? I don’t take vitamins and I am quite healthy, I’ve never once had a regular flu shot, and I have lived thus far. Believe it or not I don’t wear a mask and gloves nor do I use regular amounts of hand sanitizer either (in my opinion hand sanitizers are really good at one thing: making my skin super dry). What happened to a good old fashion soap and water wash? I was one of those kids who was allowed to play in the dirt before it became faux-pas, I built up a semi reliable immune system.

Whatever the masses are told to do, they seem to do. Media wants you to start wearing a certain item of clothing, they flood their outlets with advertisements pertaining to it. Media wants you to get a shot for some apparently deadly flu they will make you believe there is an epidemic. What I find quite comedic is the fact that you hear minimal news about this flu for the longest time since it has been “discovered” and then as soon as the vaccines are available all of a sudden there are new outbreaks to make it a pressing issue again, thus making the vaccine seem more necessary.

Needless to say, I will not be waiting in a 6+ hour line up to get shot with a trial vaccine. I am not a guinea pig, and I guess I will not be a superhuman immune to super diseases either.

Oh well.


I went to a movie tonight with my little cousin, and despite the fact that the first theatre we went to was sold out of tickets for a movie that has been out for 3 weeks, we managed to enjoy ourselves and make our way to another theatre.

I noted two things I saw which I found amusing:

The movie billboard listed a movie time of 12:01, when do you ever see that? When does someone ever say “Meet you and one past twelve”?

The other thing I noticed was when we paid for parking at the second theatre since it was downtown the flat night rate instead of being the $2.00 I remember was $1.91. How awkward is that?

Maybe these things are just awkward to me as we are all so used to rounding to the 5th or 10th, etc., etc., but it was just amusing to me to see both of these “oddities” in the same night. Perhaps we would save more money if people didn’t round up all the time? But could you imagine if timing was so precise it was to the minute and not within 5 or 10, etc.? Food for thought.

Simple blog from a simple day.

Good night!

I have so much to do, such little drive to do it.
Frustrating how unmotivated I have always been to write papers.
I wish we got assignments that were interesting and involved various tasks rather than papers which are read-write-read-write.
I wasted my day at the new “mega” mall today, what a downer, not all it was cracked up to be at all.
Made me feel extra crappy about not doing my papers though because it was such a bad waste of time.
Such as life.

A blog created by verses within songs, I can’t take credit for the lovely words to follow…
I’ve probably said it before, but I will say it again: sometimes lyrics just speak to me.

Oh my love I don’t know where to start. Nothing hurts anymore, compared to my heart. You’d rather put me to sleep than sit by my side. I’m getting smaller and smaller every minute. Can’t go with my heart while you’re still in it. How can you tell me what I need, while you walk away from me? I can’t drive anywhere without your ghost riding shotgun. Locked doors keeping me out, lust calling me in.

God damn you, you’re feeding on my loneliness. Now you’re here, now you’re away.

Will there be a test on this, or are we all ready taking it? I get so distracted
by some people’s reactions, that I don’t see my own faults for what they are. At times so self destructive, with no intent or motive but behind this emotion, there lies a sensible heart. I hope to learn as time goes by, that I should trust what’s deep inside.

Sometimes I wonder why, I’m so full of these endless rhymes about the way I feel inside, I wish I could just get it right. Are you at one or do you lie? I know I’ve been told, but you’re always in the back of my mind.

I’m dying to know if you have any hope…

I promise, I’m not an emo. Is it a crime to love certain lyrics? Nah.

Its like a throbbing tooth ache of the mind.

Sometimes I wonder if I get headaches from thinking so much. I am honest when I say sometimes I think myself awake at night. Daily I feel like I am writing an awful book in my mind, thoughts just overwhelm me all the time and its so awkward at times, especially times when I’d much rather be sleeping.

Last night before bed I was playing through topics of my World War 2 paper over and over and phrasing thesis statements while I tried to fall asleep. I am not sure that is 100% normal. Then again what is? Further more, is it necessarily always a good thing to be ‘normal’ anyway?

In my job interview yesterday someone for the first time verbally told me they can tell my mind doesn’t like to sit still. A complete stranger figuring me out already, hmm. I guess she could tell after I would answer the next three questions she had for me through my answering of one. Luckily it worked in my favor and I got hired on the spot, which is crazy because its usually really hard to get a job with this specific company I got on with as myself and other people I know had been trying a long while now.

I am now officially an employee of one of the largest banks in Canada, dun dun dun. Due to the fact that I am expressing this to the entire world wide web if they chose to read it I obviously won’t go into explaining which and where as that is a little creepy. Needless to say with the job market the way it has been and the fact that I am graduating soon it is good to know I finally have a good job to fall back on or use as a stepping stone later on. This particular bank has several international ties and opportunities which would be swell for me in the future if I happen to like what I am doing. The financial industry is not new to me as I used to work at a foreign exchange company and I actually like the atmosphere. As ‘greasy’ as the industry can be, there is unfortunately not a lot that can claim to be better and I like the relative comfort a stable job gives me. What’s more is that I have an opportunity to figure out the ins and outs of more of the finance world and perhaps get some direction towards my non profit and a good mortgage sometime soon.

I’ve thought a lot about it, can you tell?

I wonder if there ever comes a point when we don’t need to think about things so in depth? I wonder if I will ever feel like it’s okay to stop trying to figure things out? For now I will stick it out I suppose.

Lastly thanks for everyone who has been visiting my blog! I reached 50 views a day, woo! Hopefully someone half important will read it one day and head hunt me for great things, haha.

I can dream can’t I?

I wasn’t implying that any of you are unimportant by the way.

Anyhow, I am bored, as I was last evening with not a whole lot to do for my lack of money and the fact that everyone seems busy at the moment. Also a little bummed since I was suppose to be in California this weekend, sigh. Oh well. Off to watch some mindless films. Ta!

I went and saw Capitalism: A Love Story last night with my friend Jeff, a fellow Poli Sci major, whom was essentially one of the only people I knew would be half interested in seeing it with me. Coincidentally enough we felt the same way about the movie. I’m generally neither hugely against or in favor of Moore’s stuff, but I do have to give him credit for making movies that bring to light some major issues, ones that pop-culture doesn’t usually address so clearly or openly. I also think he’s obviously sweet for working with Rage Against the Machine. Of Moore’s films I am partial to Bowling for Columbine and Sicko over the others.

Although I did agree with many points within the film [Capitalism] I found it somewhat weak in argument and a little irritating at times. His transitions were lacking and I feel as though he could have made a much more coherent film provided he tweaked some areas a little more. In all honesty Zeitgeist has done way better docus on the banking systems and capitalism. What I found particularly annoying was the fact that in other projects I have seen of Moore’s he has opening mocked religion and the church however because it works to his advantage in this film he has a whole segment of Catholic priests talking about capitalism as a sin what have you. This in itself makes him lose his credibility in my opinion. Not only were the things the priests addressing that capitalism does as sins similar to things the church itself does making their arguments redundant, but just the fact that he used religion, which is is so quick to throw under the bus, now as his extra justification was stupid.

If you are into controversial things, politics, debate, etc., the movie worth seeing I suppose, but it isn’t overly great. Needless to say, I understand why a movie about raining pasta is beating it in the box office.

On another note, kind of funny after seeing an anti-banks movie I get a job with a bank today! Oh world you are so funny.

“Economic rivalry does not cause war, political and military leaders do.”

– Dr. Herwig

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