You should never dumb yourself down for ANYONE, intelligence is nothing to be ashamed of.

Everyone has something to offer, including you.

Waiting around for people gets YOU nowhere.

You can rely on yourself, and very few others after that.

If you don’t like someone’s lifestyle then distance yourself from them, you don’t need to subject yourself to anything you don’t want to be subjected to, but you also cannot and should not think you can tell them how to live.

It’s almost always certain that you can never be too cautious.

Life rarely gives you exactly what you want, deal with it.

There’s no need to think you have been defeated everytime something unpleasent happens.

It may seem unfair to have less and less of a tolerance for assholes because of what a previous asshole did but it’s not.

It is possible to be cynical towards something at my age, believe it or not.