I am so fortunate to have just spent two days at an outstanding conference. The engageNOW conference saw a select group of us getting to spend time listening to guest speakers who included the likes of FW de Klerk, the Dalai Lama himself and Sol Guy from 4Real, as well as non-profit organizations and leaders. For someone like me interested in working in a humanitarian field it was a dream come true.

I feel almost overwhelmed with all of the information and advice I received over the two days I spent at the conference.  There are so many ways to become engaged and involved that I guess I just never realized before. Not only were we given words of encouragement and inspiration but we were given the tools for how to attain our goals (networking, funding options, etc.). It was really nice to see that there are still good people out there and many who share the same passion and dreams for the world as I do.

It’s time to be the generation of peace!

Two really cool videos shown at the conference:




My delegate access pass