It must be my lucky week! Today the launch of UC International hosted former Mexican president Vincente Fox and I had the pleasure of being able to sit in on his dialog. I find even if there are things you may not agree with that these speakers may have to say (not that I have necessarily found any disagreements yet) it is still something to be able to listen to such prominent people of our time speak in the flesh. How cool would it have been to say you got to see Caesar give a motivational speech to his citizens or Socrates speak at the assembly in Athens?

For me listening to Vincente was all the more relevant to me than some speakers I have heard as he is a politician like myself, and like FW de Klerk on Wednesday, allowing for me to relate at a different level than just that of compassion to the human race. I also contemplated a minor in Latin American studies and after my volunteer trip to Costa Rica this summer have direct experience with the region. I also enjoyed the relevance his dialog had in regards to North America as a whole well functioning and co-existing entity.

I am so fortunate to have experienced the wonderful people I have in the last few days! Thank whoever is pulling my opportunity strings.