Looks are deceiving, and I mean outside. It looks pleasant but man is it bitterly cold out. Welcome winter, I did not miss you I barely think I experienced summer. Oh well right?

I didn’t let the cold keep me in the house though, I went to check out a pretty sweet local band The Dudes. When you hear a good local band making it alright in the scene and putting on a good show it sort of makes you momentarily proud of where you are from. Hence the MOMENTARILY part of that last sentence. I love catching  a good show every now and again, I’d like to do it more often however it can get pricey and add up quite quickly, especially if I continue at the pace I was for a while going to about 3 shows a week.

On the topic of money, man it blows not having any. I have been looking for work for too long now, it is totally frustrating. I did eventually find a job but the place was crazy and so disorganized I quit my second day. I called to see where I could pick up an employment package the lady was telling me about and she tells me she forgot she even called me and can’t remember what she told me in the message, ok then. When it comes time for the week I am suppose to start work I don’t hear anything until I get a call bitching because I am suppose to be there but she never told me what day or time I started just that she would always get back to me. When I go in my first day she doesn’t even know what she wants me to do so I follow her around while she looks for pens and bitches about shirt sizes.

Needless to say I would rather be unemployed and mooching off my mom than working in a shit hole. I have been working a few odd shifts that need covering for my old company which is actually somewhat perfectly casual for me however the money is definitely a teaser. This is the last 8 months of my life that I can legitimately mooch as a poor student, I might as do it right.

I was anticipating that this quick blogging session would get my brain flowing so I can tackle the pile of papers I need to write however I don’t really know if it did. You must admit it was quite the clever procrastination justification.

Going to listen to some tunes I’m thinking some Matt Good – Vancouver or The Panics – Cruel Guards. Good night folks.

Post Script: It is really annoying that the post below is the ONLY post that won’t let me put spaces between my ‘paragraphs’. BAAHH, forgive its lacking aesthetic appeal.