I have proposed a trip with my friend Michelle to hang out in Cali for a bit. Pretty excited about that, because as terrible as the United States is at many things it does have some pretty rad cities. In addition I was suppose to go to the OC next weekend and I am no longer able to which makes me sad.

On my trip to San Fran and Costa Rica this summer I made some good friends from the California area and I figure why not actually visit. The idea is  fly to LA and chill in Venice Beach where Danah lives and then road trip to Frisco to catch up with the guys of the Cuban Cigar Crisis in North Beach. Cuban Cigar Crisis is a local Frisco band that I stumbled upon illegally downloading music one night and my accidental discovery of the band has been more fulfilling than I ever imagined especially because they are super nice dudes.

I pretty much feel as though my plan is fool proof for good times and planning is underway as I type, because I am a multi-tasker of course.