I totally tried video blogging for the first times yesterday and it was an utter failure. Firstly it took me forever to actually get my whole face and not just an eye or my nose on the camera because I suck at technicalities apparently. Secondy I totally prefer typing my blogs because I can make them sound better when I reread them and they sound like crap, video blogs you have to redo the whole thing, LAME. I think I will stick to this blogging format as outdated as it may be becoming. I have come to the conclusion that videos are best left for random moments or humorous moments with friends. I quite enjoy watching old videos we’ve taken at parties and the like, really takes you back…. haha.

In other news I am still not done my paper. UGH!!! Russian history is totally not my thing. I never realized how crappy the writing process for it really would become.

To continue the whine, sorry I have no cheese to accompany it, I am kind of pissed at my school. So turns out because I have to take two spring classes to fill my minor requirements I don’t get to have my convocation date until NOVEMBER 2010!! It totally makes me angry because it’s not like I’m finishing way off schedule or anything I am finishing two months, which is one spring semester, after the “regular” semester. Because of this lovely delay in convocation it means I can’t apply for my masters program until the 2011 school year. I’m not impressed, it does give me a year to maybe get a decent job but really, I would like to get my masters done ASAP and wash my hands of school for good, sooner rather than later.

Such as life. Time to hammer away at this paper again, until Desperate Housewives at 10 of course.