I’m over it.

I assume my Russian history prof will be saying the same thing shortly as well. I find solace in the fact that I actually finished that monster of a paper, and even better that I actually had it done before midnight, which is definitely a rarity. I also had good intentions of waking up early to get to school to print it out and give it one last edit. Much to my dismay today had to be the first major snowfall of the year. Good job Calgary.

It’s sort of nuts how the first snowfall never fails to be a traffic disaster. I like to give up driving on these days and leave it to the public transit drivers however the busing system today was not overly efficient. My bus was totally late and my waking up early only resulted in my waiting longer outside in the cold for a bus that eventually came a half hour late by sliding up to the stop and banging into the curb — great way to start the day/ride. This bus route happens to also be one of the worst for hills and side streets resulting in almost hitting a truck that had slid and lost its tire. Oh the joys of the morning commute. Thankfully once we hit the ‘freeway’ if you will the bus passed by the parking lot of cars in its own lane, one of the only benefits to taking the bus this morning.

Once I finally arrived on campus it was five to 10, my class started at 9:30. Needless to say once I got to printing off the paper and getting to class to hand it in it was about 10:15ish and all we were doing in class, that I was rushing to get to, was watching a terrible black and white movie in Russian with white subtitles often camouflaged in the background (aka not readable).

I swear as good of intentions as you may have, it definitely does not always work out that way. Today proved that.

Welcome winter. Not only does the cold faithfully bring with it the aforementioned commuting chaos but also the hunt for partnership. I really need to scope out my next winter space heater (aka man). Wish me luck.

Oh and I get to sell Crave cupcakes all day tomorrow to make money for charity, yay me. If you are in the University of Calgary area or on campus come buy some!

Songs I am addicted to at the moment:
Silversun Pickups – Future foe Scenarios
Silversun Pickups – Substitutions
The Dudes – Honest Mistake
The Dudes – Mr. Someone Else
Cuban Cigar Crisis – Tilted
Green Day – Whatsername

Putting my wintder driving face on

Putting my winter driving face on