I went and saw Capitalism: A Love Story last night with my friend Jeff, a fellow Poli Sci major, whom was essentially one of the only people I knew would be half interested in seeing it with me. Coincidentally enough we felt the same way about the movie. I’m generally neither hugely against or in favor of Moore’s stuff, but I do have to give him credit for making movies that bring to light some major issues, ones that pop-culture doesn’t usually address so clearly or openly. I also think he’s obviously sweet for working with Rage Against the Machine. Of Moore’s films I am partial to Bowling for Columbine and Sicko over the others.

Although I did agree with many points within the film [Capitalism] I found it somewhat weak in argument and a little irritating at times. His transitions were lacking and I feel as though he could have made a much more coherent film provided he tweaked some areas a little more. In all honesty Zeitgeist has done way better docus on the banking systems and capitalism. What I found particularly annoying was the fact that in other projects I have seen of Moore’s he has opening mocked religion and the church however because it works to his advantage in this film he has a whole segment of Catholic priests talking about capitalism as a sin what have you. This in itself makes him lose his credibility in my opinion. Not only were the things the priests addressing that capitalism does as sins similar to things the church itself does making their arguments redundant, but just the fact that he used religion, which is is so quick to throw under the bus, now as his extra justification was stupid.

If you are into controversial things, politics, debate, etc., the movie worth seeing I suppose, but it isn’t overly great. Needless to say, I understand why a movie about raining pasta is beating it in the box office.

On another note, kind of funny after seeing an anti-banks movie I get a job with a bank today! Oh world you are so funny.