A blog created by verses within songs, I can’t take credit for the lovely words to follow…
I’ve probably said it before, but I will say it again: sometimes lyrics just speak to me.

Oh my love I don’t know where to start. Nothing hurts anymore, compared to my heart. You’d rather put me to sleep than sit by my side. I’m getting smaller and smaller every minute. Can’t go with my heart while you’re still in it. How can you tell me what I need, while you walk away from me? I can’t drive anywhere without your ghost riding shotgun. Locked doors keeping me out, lust calling me in.

God damn you, you’re feeding on my loneliness. Now you’re here, now you’re away.

Will there be a test on this, or are we all ready taking it? I get so distracted
by some people’s reactions, that I don’t see my own faults for what they are. At times so self destructive, with no intent or motive but behind this emotion, there lies a sensible heart. I hope to learn as time goes by, that I should trust what’s deep inside.

Sometimes I wonder why, I’m so full of these endless rhymes about the way I feel inside, I wish I could just get it right. Are you at one or do you lie? I know I’ve been told, but you’re always in the back of my mind.

I’m dying to know if you have any hope…

I promise, I’m not an emo. Is it a crime to love certain lyrics? Nah.