I went to a movie tonight with my little cousin, and despite the fact that the first theatre we went to was sold out of tickets for a movie that has been out for 3 weeks, we managed to enjoy ourselves and make our way to another theatre.

I noted two things I saw which I found amusing:

The movie billboard listed a movie time of 12:01, when do you ever see that? When does someone ever say “Meet you and one past twelve”?

The other thing I noticed was when we paid for parking at the second theatre since it was downtown the flat night rate instead of being the $2.00 I remember was $1.91. How awkward is that?

Maybe these things are just awkward to me as we are all so used to rounding to the 5th or 10th, etc., etc., but it was just amusing to me to see both of these “oddities” in the same night. Perhaps we would save more money if people didn’t round up all the time? But could you imagine if timing was so precise it was to the minute and not within 5 or 10, etc.? Food for thought.

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Good night!