I am totally tired of all of this Swine flu crap. It is complete proof that people will latch onto every word the media feeds them. Canada came out with a vaccine for H1N1 before it became an epidemic and I do not know anyone who has had or knows someone who has had the flu.

People are going overboard on this whole thing, as soon as they feel sick they panic about having some deadly flu and overlook the fact that it’s cough and cold season, get over it. It’s especially pathetic that places of medical practice (ie: clinics) post signs saying to leave their clinic if you have flu like symptoms, thus, if you are sick, we don’t want you here. How does that make sense?

What made me especially sad was sitting in a clinic the other day waiting to see my family doctor a lady and man walk in essentially fully garbed. Gloves and masks, full sleeved clothing. To me this is a little, okay a lot, outrageous. Don’t you feel like idiots? Obviously, the women looked over at me justifying she was being overly cautious just in case. I really think this has gone overboard, perhaps if people were keeling over like the plague I would be worried, but we aren’t and quite frankly I don’t think we will.

I can definitely see how people believe this to be a ploy for pharmaceutical companies to make more money, I can also believe it myself. People are so drugged up these days it is outrageous. I do agree modern medicine has its benefits, obviously, but not everything requires drugs. Need multivitamins, maybe you should eat healthier foods? I don’t take vitamins and I am quite healthy, I’ve never once had a regular flu shot, and I have lived thus far. Believe it or not I don’t wear a mask and gloves nor do I use regular amounts of hand sanitizer either (in my opinion hand sanitizers are really good at one thing: making my skin super dry). What happened to a good old fashion soap and water wash? I was one of those kids who was allowed to play in the dirt before it became faux-pas, I built up a semi reliable immune system.

Whatever the masses are told to do, they seem to do. Media wants you to start wearing a certain item of clothing, they flood their outlets with advertisements pertaining to it. Media wants you to get a shot for some apparently deadly flu they will make you believe there is an epidemic. What I find quite comedic is the fact that you hear minimal news about this flu for the longest time since it has been “discovered” and then as soon as the vaccines are available all of a sudden there are new outbreaks to make it a pressing issue again, thus making the vaccine seem more necessary.

Needless to say, I will not be waiting in a 6+ hour line up to get shot with a trial vaccine. I am not a guinea pig, and I guess I will not be a superhuman immune to super diseases either.

Oh well.