November 2009

Despite the fact that I am super busy and have a closely approaching deadline and a lot to do before it arrives I figured a little rant blog was relevant. So here goes:

I hate living in a place where winter happens every year faithfully. Not because it is cold or snowy, not because it sucks for driving but because people always act like its a huge deal every time it snows for the first time of the season even though they’ve lived here long enough to know IT SNOWS!! The first major snowfall after a long period of snow or after the summer is always a gong show! People freak out and forget how to drive and its so ridiculous. Why do you drive fine for the rest of the season but epically fail on the first snowfall? It is soooo irritating! Still having summer tires on is hardly even an excuse here because most people have all seasons at least simply because they know it could snow and/or get icy at any time.

People of Calgary, please just jog that memory of yours and remember how to drive!



Even though I find myself so crazy busy, with essentially every moment of my time easily occupied with some sort of task needing to be fulfilled I find it equally easy to feel so alone. I have friends, yes, but lately they find themselves just as busy and/or in the position I found myself this time last year, occupied with love.

It is understandable that we have our ebb and flow periods within life, where we have moments of overwhelming chaos and/or occupation with times where we also have little to concern ourselves with. What I find hard to figure out is why, although I have so much to do, so much that should be on my mind, do I still feel ultimately alone and nostalgic? Obviously excessive school work and career building are not going to be comforting in the way that relationships are, nor will they ever be, but it is just such a drastic feeling to be so overwhelmed and so empty all at once. Trying to focus on writing a killer paper or making the right moves at work are obviously a lot to deal with and although they require such a great amount of effort it is still so easy to find myself wasting time recognizing my loneliness.

What is the point of feeling glum over the fact that you are sitting at home on a Friday night looking at a blank word document? It should just be accepted that you have things that need to be done and get them done, but what I think I am afraid of is that once I get it all finished, what do I have?

There are no easy answers, despite what you might think.

On an accidental library check out of a book I needed that turned out to be in Romanian and not French, I learned something interesting, never realized how similar the languages were.

Also, victory in Dutch is “overwinning”.


I have been fortunate enough to become familiar with the Spread the Love non-profit organization when I had the opportunity to meet the creator of the organization randomly one day at school. Not only was their goal in providing food for the hungry a worthy enough reason to be interested but it was also for me interesting to learn that the creator of the organization is someone the same age as me! Anyone can help make a difference when they set their mind to it and he is proof.

Friday November 27 at 6pm we will be gathering to hopefully make 500 sandwiches at the Bow Valley Christian Church 5300 53 Ave NW.

Hope any interested people in the area will be there!

Despite the fact that it is easily argued MTV shows like the Hills and Bromance are extremely trashy and useless, I have come to notice and learn about some MTV shows that are actually of some legitimate importance. They address important topics and despite the fact that they use celebrity and television in their efforts, they use it quite wisely, what better way to get the attention of todays teens, our future generation, than via popular TV?

I learned about 4Real when I met the creator Sol Guy at a conference here in Calgary in October, and just happened to find the Jessi episodes. If you are interested in humanitarian efforts and issues they are definitely worth checking out.

Jessi in India


A point was raised in class today by my political philosophy prof about the fact that democratic armies are not democratic. For some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day. How contradicting is it that an army that fights to preserve and even impose democracy is completely hierarchical and the least bit democratic? Unity in command and obedience to selected higher ups is crucial for a successful military is it not? Democracy in it’s purest form does not rely on that at all, and would almost seem chaotic in comparison as there is an emphasis on the importance of mass opinion and collective decision making. Hard to imagine that one of the most important institutions within democratic nations is based on and works within anything but democratic system and values.

Quite interesting to look at life’s ‘little’ contradictions sometimes.

If only the messages we send each other could all be straight forward, maybe this would have been easier for both of us.

As much as you hate conflict, when I start to flip don’t stray away. Obviously me going out of control crazy isn’t overly attractive and I totally hate doing it, and wish I could handle myself better but if you love me too, just stay silent for a second and let me vent. I’ll eventually get tired of hearing myself regurgitate the same fading argument and it will eventually do just that, fade. Once I cool down, even though there is still an issue at hand hug me and tell me you love me. If we care enough about each other we will get past it.

When I pull away, pull me back.

Work to keep what we have, or at least show me you’re more than half interested in loving me. I don’t mind having to go through ups and downs but I just want to know there’s never a moment of doubt in what we have, just the desire to keep it strong?

Like the Beatles would say: all you need is love, love is all you need.

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