Due to the fact that lately I have been occupying my time by writing various papers mostly on war topics, and listening to a lot of music this blog will consist of tunes I keep listening to that you should check out too because they are bad ass!

Music can easily become my sanctuary when I am surrounded by so much other chaos.


Motorcycle – Imagination
The Acceptance – So Contagious
The Acceptance – Seeing is Believing
Silversun Pickups – Future Foe Scenarios
illScarlett – Take it for Granted
The Dudes – Love is Dangerous
Strata – Cocaine
Say Anything – Hate Everyone
Silverstein – Discovering the Waterfront
Kaiser Cheifs – Never Miss a Beat
The Whigs – OK Alright
The Nix Dicksons – City of Angels
The Nix Dicksons – Big Kids