You’re the only one breaking me down like this, you’ve been the only one I would take a shot on. You’ve been everything I wanted and everything I wanted to get away from. I guess with your lack of presence [and thus effort] and abundance of ignorance the time to stop being predictable is now.

It quite frankly pisses me off that you rely on knowing I will ‘always’ be waiting, willing to listen to your rhetoric and give it ‘another shot’. I do not like this one bit. I especially hate that even though your actions speak volumes in regards to how much you don’t care I still feel guilty.

I feel guilty for wanting more. I feel guilty for wanting a change. I feel guilty for wanting to move on. I feel guilty for pushing you to make a choice. I feel guilty for wanting pursuing other relationships. I feel guilty for thinking about my future without you. I feel guilty for not knowing exactly where I want us to be.

What the heck am I suppose to do? This is getting unhealthy and I can’t bear it to be for much longer.

Where’s the love doctor when you need them?