I finally fulfilled a life long dream last night — well okay it wasn’t so much life long but rather since I was about 15. My friend Pete last minute invited me to check out DJ Tiesto with him in Edmonton. Needless to say I was super pumped as I have wanted to see Tiesto for a very long time, as I already mentioned. Living in major, but not major enough, city in Canada it wasn’t exactly easy to ever have a chance to see Tiesto headlining any shows and then when he finally came for the first time tickets sold out so fast I never got a chance.

Needless to say I have seen some amazing sets from some amazing DJs since I first found myself interested in the scene when I was in highschool. I’ve been fortunate enough to see my favorite AVB several times, Blank and Jones, Guyver, Suzy Solar, Johan Gielen and the list goes on, but Tiesto has been the epitome of who everyone wanted to be and see for the longest time. Even though I would have appreciated seeing him probably more a few years ago as over the years I have seen myself fade out of the scene it was still none the less amazing to finally witness his greatness!

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the music was fabulous I can say I do not miss the environment full of completely obliterated and/or tripping kids. I realize it is a part of the dance culture but I never got involved in it the way most of the people do and I guess it is hard for me to think people need that to enjoy themselves. It’s not cool seeing people get sick or severely injuring their body because of some crazy drugs they are on. I remember when I decided to stop going to the big shows the last 3 or 4 shows I had gone to someone ended up getting stabbed or killed and I had enough of having to be around that.

The scene has sadly not gotten any better in the drug aspect however, the music is still great, but it just makes me wonder if you can have a trance or house scene without all that other garbage? Then again can you have a rock scene without weed and booze? Probably not at least one or the other. How much better is that anyway despite the fact that it is more socially acceptable? Pop culture is definitely an interesting topic.