No not the Swine flu.

Sometimes reading back on my blogs I wonder what the heck I was thinking at the time I wrote them, or it all just comes back to me like I’m back to the moment I wrote it. Blogging, or a diary for that matter, is definitely a good way to log emotions of the moment. I am really glad that I have written and recorded some of the feelings I have had over the years.

What I have noticed though is sometimes it seems like I am totally bi-polar, one day I will be writing about what a good time I had or how happy I am and the next will be about how much my heart is aching. It’s crazy to see the differences in tone I express from blog to blog. Sadly it is quite accurate, I don’t like to think I am bi-polar but there are times when one feels so fortunate to have what they have in life, to experience the things they get to and so on but in the down time when your mind isn’t occupied it is easy to reflect on things like your loneliness and the feelings that you have masked by that awesome girls weekend you had.

I guess my blurbs of sorrow and disappointment in and out of the bits of life’s enjoyments are a little random at times but I suppose we all have moments of nostalgia. Even someone who is completely content with their life must have moments of reflection on their past and question their future, don’t they?