Being accustomed to the chill the season brings I feel it gives more incentive to enjoy moving around to the sweet sounds of my favorite bands. This same weekend last year I remember exactly what I was doing and how much I enjoyed myself, strangely enough I found myself doing something almost parallel. Now I don’t like to claim I have a super memory however it makes it easy to remember because it is marked by a friends birthday.

A year ago Friday my friend and I met up at the University for a 3pm Empty Space Pine Tart and Shagbot show, followed by delicious Vietnamese cuisine for dinner. We then hustled to Wolfmans in Marda Loop to see Telly and Frankie McQueen for Kai’s birthday and then ended our night meeting my boyfriend and the Suicide Girls at Snatch, all while singing along to KOL in the car. This day was probably one of the most memorable for me not only because I spent literally the entire day checking out sweet local bands but I got to spend every moment of it with someone who meant a lot to me. I was honestly content and genuinely happy. It’s nice to have those days were everything just goes right and there’s not one part you don’t enjoy, except for the end.

This past Friday I found my situation a wee different starting my day working at the bank, luckily getting off early and then heading home to change. I then headed to the Palomino for Kai’s turning another year older. Strangely enough, guess who were playing? Yes Seven Story Redhead who are rad, but most importantly the Shagbots! Instead of hoping from venue to venue scoping the scene I was in one place taking it all in. Fortunately for me I have come to grow a deep fondness for the Palomino as I have enjoyed some favorable times there along with some favorable people and always a sweet band! A few years ago I would have never imagined myself in smokehouse bar decked out in wooden and animal hide furniture off the LRT line once, let alone on a regular basis. However, like I said, I have grown a fondness for the place and the cheap drinks the lady bartender gives me definitely help the cause.

After getting home close to 4am I decided Saturday was deemed to be a lower key day and thus stumbled upon my new infatuation! No it isn’t the Shagbots or a bar off the LRT line but it is flowering tea. I have been frequenting the local tea house a lot lately, I am definitely a cafe/tea house kind of girl and always have enjoyed them. Flowering tea however was new to me, I had only just read about the new trend in a magazine believe it or not. So thus, because I was looking for a low key night and happened to have some plans made earlier fall through I met up with Kai for tea at Oolong, taking advantage of his only being in town until Monday and also the fact that he is a male that will drink tea with me.

At 9:30pm on a Saturday night the tea house was actually pretty bumping and there were no tables available when I walked in. Who would have guessed a whole schwack of people had the same idea as me. Because I was waiting for Kai and somewhere to sit I had a while to browse the teas thoroughly and finally saw the flowering teas I have been reading so much about! Despite the fact that I am on a tight budget and this particular green tea Amaranth Burst was a class S and way more pricey than the others I had to try it. All I will say is that sipping on this tea and snacking on my matcha cupcake I was briefly in my version of utopia. There is no use in my describing the taste because you should all experience it for yourselves but I will have you know it was delicious and very pretty to look at!

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Amaranth Burst -- my camera phone is epic fail I already know