Even though I find myself so crazy busy, with essentially every moment of my time easily occupied with some sort of task needing to be fulfilled I find it equally easy to feel so alone. I have friends, yes, but lately they find themselves just as busy and/or in the position I found myself this time last year, occupied with love.

It is understandable that we have our ebb and flow periods within life, where we have moments of overwhelming chaos and/or occupation with times where we also have little to concern ourselves with. What I find hard to figure out is why, although I have so much to do, so much that should be on my mind, do I still feel ultimately alone and nostalgic? Obviously excessive school work and career building are not going to be comforting in the way that relationships are, nor will they ever be, but it is just such a drastic feeling to be so overwhelmed and so empty all at once. Trying to focus on writing a killer paper or making the right moves at work are obviously a lot to deal with and although they require such a great amount of effort it is still so easy to find myself wasting time recognizing my loneliness.

What is the point of feeling glum over the fact that you are sitting at home on a Friday night looking at a blank word document? It should just be accepted that you have things that need to be done and get them done, but what I think I am afraid of is that once I get it all finished, what do I have?

There are no easy answers, despite what you might think.