Despite the fact that I am super busy and have a closely approaching deadline and a lot to do before it arrives I figured a little rant blog was relevant. So here goes:

I hate living in a place where winter happens every year faithfully. Not because it is cold or snowy, not because it sucks for driving but because people always act like its a huge deal every time it snows for the first time of the season even though they’ve lived here long enough to know IT SNOWS!! The first major snowfall after a long period of snow or after the summer is always a gong show! People freak out and forget how to drive and its so ridiculous. Why do you drive fine for the rest of the season but epically fail on the first snowfall? It is soooo irritating! Still having summer tires on is hardly even an excuse here because most people have all seasons at least simply because they know it could snow and/or get icy at any time.

People of Calgary, please just jog that memory of yours and remember how to drive!