December 2009

Everyone’s doing it so I figured I would follow the trend and make a list in spirit of the arrival of 2010!!

9 Worst Songs (Mainstream):
Lady Gaga – Poker Face
Ke$ha – Tik Tok
Billy Talent – Devil on my Shoulder
Beyonce – If I were a Boy
Fergie – Big Girls Don’t Cry
Britney Spears – If you Seek Amy
Miley Cyrus – Howdown Throwdown
Jerimiah – Birthday Sex
T-Pain – Take Your Shirt Off

9 Best Songs (Mainstream):
Kid Cudi feat. Ratatat and MGMT – Pursuit of Happiness
Cage the Elephant – Ain’t no Rest for the Wicked
Alexisonfire – Sons of Privilege
Passion Pit – Sleepyhead
Mother Mother – O my Heart
Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye
Kings of Leon – Use Somebody
Rise Against – Saviour
Coldplay – Viva La Vida

9 Overdone Media Stories:
Balloon Boy
Tiger Woods
Jon & Kate
MJs death
Sarah Palin
Swine Flu
Mackenzie Phillips incest

9 Worst TV Ideas:
Overpopulated families
Vampire anything
Dancing with stars
Another Survivor
Hoarders (easy way to lose and your appetite/feel itchy)
Jersey Shore
A Double Shot at Love
Nancy Grace

9 Delicious Men:
Jared Leto
Justin Bobby
Dallas Green
Seth Rogan
Ed Westwick
Ryan Reynolds
Chase Crawford
George Strombolopolous
Blake Mycoskie

9 Best Movies:
Inglorious Bastards
Men Who Stare at Goats
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Sherlock Holmes
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Proposal
I Love You, Man

9 Worst Movies:
New Moon
Observe and Report
Julie and Julia
Bride Wars
Fast and Furious
Jennifer’s Body
Couple’s Retreat
Angels and Deamons

9 Best Fashion Trends:
High waist pencil skirts
Flat boots
Skinny waist belts
Colored jeans
Plaid button ups
Knit berets

9 Worst Fashion Trends:
Potato sack shirt dresses
Jumper/harem pants
Elastic leg sweats
Oversized tees on women that make them look like frumps
High waist shorts
Spandex dresses
Oversized glasses


As cruddy as I was feeling in regards to the season and its festivities, especially with the arrival of yesterday and the memories of last year’s Christmas, I should have known spending time with the family would make me feel better. Drunken Rock Band with grown adults is hilarious and most definitely enjoyable. Despite the fact that we did not want to do much with gifts and I feel the holidays needs to be more than just giving presents I really loved the gifts we all gave and received! It truly is a gift in itself to open a present you know someone got for you because they paid attention to what you were interested in or said earlier in the year.

I suppose knowing that there are people who care enough to pay attention is a gift in itself and I loved all of my gifts more this year than I think I have any other year because they reflected that. I will share some of the highlights:

– GPS from dad because I lost a sheet of directions earlier in the year and panicked about being able to find a party I was suppose to go to and because I racked up my 411 charges looking for addresses
– Vichy stocking stuffers so I do not need to go and buy any face wash for a while because I am so broke and was running empty, thanks mom for raiding my bathroom collection
– K-cup holder for my coffee cups so they do not need to be strewn all over the cupboard
– flowering tea from Jess after I gave her a tutorial and justification for my love of it at Steeps
– box to hold my tea, with more tea inside from Ixchel so I can finally store all my tea
– clear teapot from mom for my flowering tea
– new hair dryer from grandma so I no longer need to bitch every time mine breaks down mid dry and ruins my day
– The Lost Symbol from my aunt so I can stop borrowing it
– new jeans because mine were full of holes

… and my absolute favorite gift

– my momma got my special edition Kings of Leon poster from the show I went to at Madison Square Gardens and the First Annual Indie Rock Night I hosted poster plaque mounted!!

I love thoughtfulness and the lovely people in my life, thank you to all the special people in my life. Hope everyone has a safe, happy and WARM holiday season!!

Joyuex Noel, Feliz Navidad, Mele Kalikimaka, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The true meaning of the holidays is, I would like to argue, forever lost. I guess for people who do not get to see their family often it may be a good thing, it is most definitely great for people in the retail world, but for me what good is it? Perhaps I take seeing my friends and family on a regular basis for granted but I do not believe that one over hyped commercial holiday during the year should be the only reason anyone makes an effort.

Most of us have nostalgic memories about Christmases past and I admit it but I, especially this year like I have mentioned, just seem to feel more and more indifferent towards it. Maybe one day when I have kids of my own or live away from home I may see the ‘joys’ in the holiday season again. I should I guess also be thankful for the paid 4 days off.

Well wishes to everyone, nonetheless.

Encore, les mots trouvaient dans la musique mettre ensemble pour créer un blog. J’aimerai utiliser le français pour ce blog parce que j’ai toujours besoin la pratique et j’aime aussi beaucoup la langue que j’ai étudié pendant plus des 7 ans dans l’immersion tardif.

Je suis d’une génération désenchantée; la route est longue mais pleine d’espoir. Écoute  mon âme et pense à moi, à ces souvenirs qui nous retiennent. Toute est chaos, pourtant, je voudrais retrouver l’innocence. J’ignore ce qu’il faut te dire, mais je veux te retenir. Tu es la seule qui me reconnaissait honnêtement.

I am from a disenchanted generation; the road is long but full of hope. Listen to my soul and think of me, of the memories that maintain us. Everything is chaos, nevertheless, I would like to rediscover the purity. I do not know what to say to you, but I want to keep you. You are the only one who recognized [knew] me honestly.

Sometimes there is just such beauty in the way you can express words, no matter what language. I am grateful for being able to understand and speak such a lovely second language.

Ratatata and MGMT plus Kid Cudi? Now wonder its such a sweet sound.

Come on lets go again…

A weekend of Christmas festivities  is actually far more tiring than one would imagine. Back to back parties and a double whammy directly after work Friday was enough for me to need an entire weekend to recoop. I even broke down and did some Christmas shopping yesterday, ayyeee.

As the  holidays near I am thankful for all the lovely people I get to share it with but this year just does not feel quite the same as last, or any before and I am not sure why. There is a certain indifference I feel that may be due to the fact that Christmas seems to have hit me on the back of the head suddenly arriving out of know where or due to the fact that my expectations for this holiday season are few to null.

R&R time is much needed and maybe it will cure my blues eventually…

My natural high start started with waking up after a lovely sleep on my new Egyptian cotton sheets and a wicked Hatha yoga session at 10. Unfortunately mid-afternoon after my nap and discovering I got an A- in Romance Studies, it peaked and full on plummeted with a shitty grade in another class not-to-be-named. UGH!

Listening to some acoustic Rise Against right now to get me re-grounded and focused on finishing this last paper.

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