… at least until after the Christmas break!

Tonight marked the finishing of my last two difficult to write, much dreaded papers that were on the Battle at Midway during WWII and Joseph Stalin’s paranoia and the execution of the great purges. The topics were quite heavy to begin with let alone that they were due around the same time and I was writing them in tandem essentially. I do have one paper left however after taking an overload of history classes this semester find poli sci papers much easier to write!

Although I struggle my way through writing these monstrosities I generally look back and reflect upon the experience positively. Despite the stress they inflict and the disappointing grades they may even produce there is something fulfilling in writing a paper. You look back at each paper you have written as a minor achievement and an opportunity you had to deeply pursue a topic of interest for a small period of your life.

I thank university for the things it has enlightened me to, not for the stresses, however for great quantities of other positive things.

On this positive note is is obviously evident my semester has finally neared its end. My D-Day is shortly upon me, 11 days to be exact! December 11 has never looked so good, and neither has one month holiday.

Happy December to you all!