No, I am not referring to a perverted mind that tends to lead to sexual innuendo.

I have realized that it is far easier than one may recognize to see your mind go one track, and quite narrow. I have tried to and continue to try to pride myself on keeping an open mind. I like to think that I have a pretty vast knowledge and understanding of things that a lot of people may not, or choose not to. I thoroughly enjoy reading random articles and tid bits of information just for self interest and as much as I enjoy it I lately have found it so difficult to do.

I would hate to say that I have been out of the loop lately but I really feel like I have. Obviously I keep up with major events and goings on but when it comes down to it when I am in school I become the opposite of what I work to be and what school teaches me to be, I become a one track thinker. When I have a paper to write or a relatively large assignment due every week in addition to a job it is really easy to become absorbed and it becomes really hard to find room to leisurely read or even concern myself with anything but the task at hand. I sometimes even think that being single right now is probably easier and healthier for me and whoever could have been the lucky involved other half.

I have kept things relatively in tact and organized up until this point but I am definitely ready to check off my to-do lists.

This holiday season I have anticipated to do the following (bear with me in my exciting aspirations):
– clean my room
– read the new Dan Brown book
– watch missed episodes of the Tudors
– watch a ton of movies I have missed out on
– write Christmas cards
– go secondhand shopping
– re-read Machiavelli’s Prince
– sew buttons back on my cardigan
– see friends