As cruddy as I was feeling in regards to the season and its festivities, especially with the arrival of yesterday and the memories of last year’s Christmas, I should have known spending time with the family would make me feel better. Drunken Rock Band with grown adults is hilarious and most definitely enjoyable. Despite the fact that we did not want to do much with gifts and I feel the holidays needs to be more than just giving presents I really loved the gifts we all gave and received! It truly is a gift in itself to open a present you know someone got for you because they paid attention to what you were interested in or said earlier in the year.

I suppose knowing that there are people who care enough to pay attention is a gift in itself and I loved all of my gifts more this year than I think I have any other year because they reflected that. I will share some of the highlights:

– GPS from dad because I lost a sheet of directions earlier in the year and panicked about being able to find a party I was suppose to go to and because I racked up my 411 charges looking for addresses
– Vichy stocking stuffers so I do not need to go and buy any face wash for a while because I am so broke and was running empty, thanks mom for raiding my bathroom collection
– K-cup holder for my coffee cups so they do not need to be strewn all over the cupboard
– flowering tea from Jess after I gave her a tutorial and justification for my love of it at Steeps
– box to hold my tea, with more tea inside from Ixchel so I can finally store all my tea
– clear teapot from mom for my flowering tea
– new hair dryer from grandma so I no longer need to bitch every time mine breaks down mid dry and ruins my day
– The Lost Symbol from my aunt so I can stop borrowing it
– new jeans because mine were full of holes

… and my absolute favorite gift

– my momma got my special edition Kings of Leon poster from the show I went to at Madison Square Gardens and the First Annual Indie Rock Night I hosted poster plaque mounted!!

I love thoughtfulness and the lovely people in my life, thank you to all the special people in my life. Hope everyone has a safe, happy and WARM holiday season!!

Joyuex Noel, Feliz Navidad, Mele Kalikimaka, MERRY CHRISTMAS!