January 2010

Last night was the big day, I am sure many will be happy to see  me finally cease to tweet, facebook and blog about the event. Despite the fact that the night I had long anticipated started out quite chaotically it turned out better than we could have asked for. It was great to see a line up of over 80 people before the doors even opened and it was equally nice to see people donating beyond the $7 price tag for a ticket. Needless to say we actually ran out of tickets and had to start recycling the old and therefore lost count of how many people were in attendance however it was definitely more than last year.

All the bands (Debra, The Shagbots and Fireside Riot) did a fantastic job, they definitely brought it last night and I am so happy they were generous enough to dedicate their time the way they did. We also had a great turn out of volunteers, so many in fact I ran out of jobs for them to do! It isn’t often that happens, but it was great to see! We ended up earning over $3500 for Save the Children Haitian relief efforts which will be doubled by the Government of Canada resulting in the event earning Haiti in total $7000! That is a fantastic figure anyway you look at it and again I thank everyone for making the night the success it was.

Obviously after last night I am in a music listening kind of mood, thus follows my current play list:
Cold War Kids – Against Privacy
Cold War Kids – Hospital Beds
Cuban Cigar Crisis – Wuthering Heights
Debra – Dr. Strangelove
The Shagbots – Kaolin met Kiln
Lagwagon – Falling Apart
Passion Pit – Little Secrets


After four years of my undergraduate education, thus meaning four years on campus, I have noticed several ways my constantly increasing tuition has not been benefiting me. My tuition went from being less than $5000 in my first year to over $7000 in 4 years time, that my friends is significant. With that book prices have also gone up and in an attempt to be green they even charge for bags now. I get the reuse your bags concept but when I’m paying $400 for books a semester minimum and $7000 tuition I’m not overly thrilled about having to pay another $1.50 for every bag I may need to carry my boat load of books.

On a more serious level classroom accommodation is lousy, not only are the desks shitty (most being half together and usually wobbly) but the chances of even getting  a seat are at times slim. In my 400 level political science class this semester students, more then 5 or 6, have had to sit on the floor on more than one occasion because the registrar scheduled us into a classroom too small to accommodate the students; a classroom for 78 students with only 66 desks. Not only is that completely unacceptable in itself, but the fact that my prof raised his concerns to the university and they claimed to have added more seats when the same thing happened all over again makes the whole thing even worse. So I pay thousands of dollars a year to sit on a floor in a freezing cold classroom? Sounds like a good deal to me… not.

Further to that, parking has gone up every year. I suppose this is “normal” but what is the purpose of gouging the wrong audience — poor students?  I remember when it was $3.00 to park in lot 11 and now it is $4.00 and when it was $12.00/day maximum in the “convenient” lots when you are running late, now it is $19.00. I have since taken up riding the bus and even that is shit, as a full time spring semester student you can’t even get a U-pass unless you are a grad student. Go figure.

Anyone who doesn’t brown bag their lunch or accidentally forgets to bring something to eat also get gouged.  I wanted to grab a sandwich so I could eat between my full day of classes (no breaks so I didn’t have much choice as to where to go) and a regular sandwich made on regular bread I buy for home cost me $6.01, I don’t even get Subway quality with that six bucks just  a plain sandwich you make at home! What gives?!

We need more accountability for our tuition!! University is suppose to be about education and teaching the future, seems like it has decided being a profitable organization is more important.

Considering all of the FREE media and advertising support Save the Children U of C has received for our big event on January 30 I feel obligated to give thanks to all of those willing to help us out:

– Astral Media (Vibe 98.5, AM1060 and CJay 92.9)
– Amp Radio 90.3
– Calgary Herald
– FFWD Weekly
– Calgary Fashion
– Shaw TV
– Collectively Eclectic
– Humanitarian Coalition

Again I have said it before but it is amazing to see the way people come together for the right cause and many thanks to Fireside Riot, Debra and the Shagbots for making it happen!

…most of the time!

To follow up on yesterday’s entry about people actually paying attention I got a call today from the local TV station about airing our story!

I hope above all that these efforts and cooperation from local media will help us in only making this event reach its full potention in getting significant funds sent to Haiti to help the people there who are desperately in need. It feels so good to be putting something this great together, it feels even better when the results are great.

Reporting back when all this craze calms down!

Today is the day I realize someone actually is paying attention.  It doesn’t necessarily matter who is paying attention (unless it’s a creep or something) just nice to know every once in a while that you are being paid attention to; it is nice to know your efforts are not always for nothing.

After all of my efforts with this Haiti Indie Rock fundraiser things are starting to come together! We got published on the front page of today’s entertainment section of the Calgary Herald, on Vibe 98.5 and CJay 92.1’s public announcement section, CJSW’s concert listings and on the Save the Children website! It is super good news for us, hopefully all the free media help will aide in the turn out for our event!

On top of that my suggested Cuban Cigar Crisis song to Alan Cross’ “The List” made it!

It really is the small things in life…

Thank you to everyone helping us out!


Sounds like quite the combination doesn’t it? Probably because it is.

As some of you may be aware I am the executive vice president of a campus club which is an extension of the international organization Save the Children. A close friend of mine was the founder of the club on the University of Calgary campus and since then he and I have been working with all sorts of peers to help raise awareness for the cause as well as funds through fun, youth oriented activities on campus.  We’ve had a pirate themed cabaret night at the campus bar, several cupcake sales and most successfully last year we had an indie rock night where three local bands volunteered their time and talent to put on a fundraiser show for us. We had over 300 people show up the the indie rock night last year and we raised over $2000 for the organization, which we found to greatly successful.

This year we have been fortunate enough to be able to host the Second Annual Indie Rock Night again at the Den (the campus bar) with two returning bands and one new act. Debra and the Shagbots were a great hit last year and we were given plenty of great feedback about their performances at our event. Again as you have probably heard me mention them several times whether through brief musical mentionings within my blogs or in my playlists, these guys are really great as people and as artists. Fireside Riot is a new band in the city but they too seem to be taking off quite quickly and are very talented.

Now since the crisis and devastation in Haiti, my club email has been flooded with emails asking us about our intentions for helping out with the situation in Haiti or ways we know they could do so. This immediately triggered the idea of focusing the entire Second Annual Indie Rock Night towards raising money for the Haitian relief that Save the Children is providing. On top of this wonderful transition of general fundraising into a specific cause we were happy to learn that the Government of Canada has agreed to match donations made through charitable organizations, including Save the Children. With that, we are now able to not only host an event and raise funds for a current much needing crisis but also double all the funds we raise!

What is key to all of this is the fact that these bands are up and coming artists trying to do something they love and maybe make a dime or two doing it but despite that they have generously dedicated their time and talents to help us out with a great cause. On top of that the students we have helping us, including myself are incredibly busy people who are taking a moment of their time to help make this event possible. Much thanks to the bands, to our Save the Children U of C volunteers and the University of Calgary SU for their support and help in organizing everything with us.



Time to grind some coffee!

For some reason that phrase has become quite common, I am not sure why, nor am I sure I enjoy it however I am using it. There is just something consistent in a good cliche to emphasis a universal feeling. Despite the fact that I have since gone back to work after the glorious and abundant days off (even some with pay) I was able to enjoy, it really is back to the grind time — aka school is back on.

After all of my whining, bitching and self-reassurance I think I actually did more than half decent last semester. Considering it was arguably the ‘worst’ semester for workload, stress and difficulty of classes due to the fact that I took a full course load plus one, four of which classes were fourth year history classes, I did pretty flipping awesome. I do think I am quite smart most of the time and my grades have never really been poor but I got majority As!! Who knew the engulfing effect the semester had on my life would actually pan out to be beneficial?

I do realize that a good number of people who may happen to read my blog may be tired of academic mentionings and textbook student woes you will find throughout however this semester marks less than six months until I will no longer have anything to woe in the academic sphere of my life for I will be finished forever! Not only am I back to work and now school as well but I am finishing the last classes I need to finally obtain my degree! Although I have been in school for a total of 16 years of my life now I still cannot believe the day is finally upon me so soon.

Stay tuned for more blogs inclined to bitch about school until at least June folks! In the meantime I will try to keep up with the leisurely read I got for uber cheap at Indigo (Secret Societies and How They Affect Our Lives Today) while adding in the academic works required this winter.  Smart remarks about conspiracy theories and Dan Brown are greatly encouraged at this time, as I am sure there are a number of ignorant fools who will stumble upon these words and have something intriguing to say — please note my sarcasm!

Currently listening to some sweet tunes as well, don’t be overwhelmed just know my tastes are impeccable:
Downside – Sleep
Nirvana – In Bloom
Nirvana – Aneurysm
Phoenix – Girlfriend
Alexisonfire – The Northern
Beatles – Eleanor Rigby
Stoning Mary – Broken
Cuban Cigar Crisis – Rome Didn’t Fall in a Day
Kid Cudi – Up Up & Away

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