I do not fully understand the reason we have convinced ourselves that a new year is opportunity for a fresh start. What does a day have to do with anything? As far as I am concerned all your problems from the previous year are going end up rolling right on over into the next unless you properly dispose of and/or solve them. The fiscal year of the bank I work for doesn’t even coincide with the ‘real’ year change that we all celebrate — what does that say about the significance of the new year? Not a lot.

As a matter of fact my personal new year would  be my birthday would it not? Even then I don’t feel as though anything clearly ends or begins on that day.

It is time for people to accept responsibility for their lives and stop using things like the ‘New Year’ as an excuse to finally improve their lives or make a change. How productive would we be if all of us waited for certain predetermined dates to come to realization of needed change or improvement in our lives? Not very. Sadly enough people are making money off those of us who fall victim to this mentality, look at how gym memberships skyrocket in January and how many of those people actually show up after March?

My New Years Resolution is to continue doing what I was doing. YAY me.

Nonetheless, happy 2010.

The chaos that is the quatro -- the best friends a girl could have! Greetings 2010.