Oh wait there are none — yet. I have a word to the wise, don’t think that a delicious accent will ever finally make them look better than they are. Sadly, but surely, the lovely accent could not make me overlook the fact that there is only so long I can hear about your job woes and love of the snow or the fact that you have unusually small teeth. I am not trying to sound like a horrible person, but really!

On another note, asking to read my palms or what my star sign is, are equally awful — lines like that are shit. I fail to see how anything as terrible as a cliche line could prove successful for anyone, ever. I also fail to see how saying that your iPod, computer and local pub are the most important things in your life is suppose to be helpful with your attempt at finding a girlfriend.

I am no longer sure what is worse: being single and having to sift through all the garbage on a constant basis, however luckily having the freedom to sift or being locked in and free of that garbage sifting duty however tending to overlook other BS that comes up due to the fact that you are in a relationship. Hmmm….

My co-workers, friends and family are really loving the stories of my experiences, hopefully one day they can be as entertaining to me, haha. More to come from the never dull world of dating.

Just like my OJ I have reason to believe that sea full of 'quality' fish is getting low