Time to grind some coffee!

For some reason that phrase has become quite common, I am not sure why, nor am I sure I enjoy it however I am using it. There is just something consistent in a good cliche to emphasis a universal feeling. Despite the fact that I have since gone back to work after the glorious and abundant days off (even some with pay) I was able to enjoy, it really is back to the grind time — aka school is back on.

After all of my whining, bitching and self-reassurance I think I actually did more than half decent last semester. Considering it was arguably the ‘worst’ semester for workload, stress and difficulty of classes due to the fact that I took a full course load plus one, four of which classes were fourth year history classes, I did pretty flipping awesome. I do think I am quite smart most of the time and my grades have never really been poor but I got majority As!! Who knew the engulfing effect the semester had on my life would actually pan out to be beneficial?

I do realize that a good number of people who may happen to read my blog may be tired of academic mentionings and textbook student woes you will find throughout however this semester marks less than six months until I will no longer have anything to woe in the academic sphere of my life for I will be finished forever! Not only am I back to work and now school as well but I am finishing the last classes I need to finally obtain my degree! Although I have been in school for a total of 16 years of my life now I still cannot believe the day is finally upon me so soon.

Stay tuned for more blogs inclined to bitch about school until at least June folks! In the meantime I will try to keep up with the leisurely read I got for uber cheap at Indigo (Secret Societies and How They Affect Our Lives Today) while adding in the academic works required this winter.  Smart remarks about conspiracy theories and Dan Brown are greatly encouraged at this time, as I am sure there are a number of ignorant fools who will stumble upon these words and have something intriguing to say — please note my sarcasm!

Currently listening to some sweet tunes as well, don’t be overwhelmed just know my tastes are impeccable:
Downside – Sleep
Nirvana – In Bloom
Nirvana – Aneurysm
Phoenix – Girlfriend
Alexisonfire – The Northern
Beatles – Eleanor Rigby
Stoning Mary – Broken
Cuban Cigar Crisis – Rome Didn’t Fall in a Day
Kid Cudi – Up Up & Away