Today is the day I realize someone actually is paying attention.  It doesn’t necessarily matter who is paying attention (unless it’s a creep or something) just nice to know every once in a while that you are being paid attention to; it is nice to know your efforts are not always for nothing.

After all of my efforts with this Haiti Indie Rock fundraiser things are starting to come together! We got published on the front page of today’s entertainment section of the Calgary Herald, on Vibe 98.5 and CJay 92.1’s public announcement section, CJSW’s concert listings and on the Save the Children website! It is super good news for us, hopefully all the free media help will aide in the turn out for our event!

On top of that my suggested Cuban Cigar Crisis song to Alan Cross’ “The List” made it!

It really is the small things in life…

Thank you to everyone helping us out!