Last night was the big day, I am sure many will be happy to see  me finally cease to tweet, facebook and blog about the event. Despite the fact that the night I had long anticipated started out quite chaotically it turned out better than we could have asked for. It was great to see a line up of over 80 people before the doors even opened and it was equally nice to see people donating beyond the $7 price tag for a ticket. Needless to say we actually ran out of tickets and had to start recycling the old and therefore lost count of how many people were in attendance however it was definitely more than last year.

All the bands (Debra, The Shagbots and Fireside Riot) did a fantastic job, they definitely brought it last night and I am so happy they were generous enough to dedicate their time the way they did. We also had a great turn out of volunteers, so many in fact I ran out of jobs for them to do! It isn’t often that happens, but it was great to see! We ended up earning over $3500 for Save the Children Haitian relief efforts which will be doubled by the Government of Canada resulting in the event earning Haiti in total $7000! That is a fantastic figure anyway you look at it and again I thank everyone for making the night the success it was.

Obviously after last night I am in a music listening kind of mood, thus follows my current play list:
Cold War Kids – Against Privacy
Cold War Kids – Hospital Beds
Cuban Cigar Crisis – Wuthering Heights
Debra – Dr. Strangelove
The Shagbots – Kaolin met Kiln
Lagwagon – Falling Apart
Passion Pit – Little Secrets