February 2010

Call me Betty Crocker, I have been cooking and baking up a storm lately thanks to the poverty I live in and the lack of funds I have to pay others to make my food. I baked cupcakes the other night and used that nasty icing in the container from the store and wanted to spice my new cupcakes up with something tastier so today I decided to try my own icing.

2 cups of icing sugar
8-9 TBSPs of cocoa
1/4 cup of hard margarine or butter (melted)
1 dash of salt
1/2 TSP of vanilla
1/4 cup of hot water

  • First make some cupcakes. I don’t care how you make them, obviously, but white is preferable because the icing is quite rich and you don’t want an overly sweet cupcake.

Don't judge me!

  • Once you have made your cupcakes make sure you let them cool so they are easier to ice.
  • Look at those beauts!!

  • To start the icing sift together the icing sugar and cocoa (a fork will do just well).

    Mmm chocolate

  • Once the mixture reaches a consistent lighter brown, add your salt.


    Only this much!

  • Mix the salt into the rest of the powder mixture and then add the vanilla, butter and slowly the water.

    Vanilla in chocolate icing??! Pfftt yeah!

    Don't forget to melt it!

  • Once everything is mixed together you should have a rich dark brown icing, if you would like to change the consistency just add more water.

    Deliciousness in a bowl, I promise.

    Enjoy ūüėČ


I am having a moment, one of those which alter your ability to cohesively gather your thoughts. I have so many things I feel like I want to say about so many random and various topics I don’t know where to start or where to go with it all. As a result the following is really just a muck of mind wanderings (this is truly a mind wanderings blog!!).

I said I would boycott the Olympics and it definitely did not last long, starting with the opening ceremonies. Good job Ashley. ¬†I am glad¬†Canada is doing really well in their events, but I almost feel bad for a lot of the athletes as it seems like there has been a lot of drama for them to sift through (huge injuries, shady practices, etc.).¬†¬†Needless to say, as interesting as I have found the games to be this past 2 weeks I don’t see why it is necessary for the mall to have giant TVs in the middle of the building with a lounging area set up, nor do I see why my work needed to move a TV into the lobby for people to lounge around the bank all day watching Olympics.

Does it seem somewhat upsetting that free thinkers never get the kudos they deserve until after they are gone? Then again would they have been as significant if they were recognized in their time? Did their persecution have a large affect on the way they are perceived now? Are they only “recognized” years later because their beliefs aren’t seen as great of a threat? Does the time that has elapsed give more room for “safe” interpretation? Has “freethinking” become trendy? How many of the people who currently claim to challenge the norm will be married middle aged people with 2 kids and a dog in the suburbs? Just some food for thought that came rushing into my mind during Tuesday’s history lecture, sadly I have more questions than answers on this one.

The job market and I are not getting along, I am getting so worried that I won’t find something I love. I realize people say that you will have many careers in your lifetime but I don’t want to keep working jobs I don’t enjoy once I am done my degree otherwise what was the point of going to school and acquiring 25k in debt? I want so badly to land a rad job with some sort of international focus and positive aim, is that so hard to ask?

Dating is such shit, I have endless bad dating stories it seems. I love getting to know people but lately I am so intolerant of the people I have been dating. Figuring out whether they are worth exploring or all wrong for me has never seemed to easy, and it is a good thing but also sort of irritating because I have never felt so bummed to be having a conversation with another person. I went for coffee the other day and as soon as I gulped my drink I was ready to leave, none of that filler convo was flying with me. Today on the other hand I encountered a lovely boy, who I wasn’t on a date with but had such easy, interesting (although brief) conversation and for the first time in a long time he left me wanting more! Why do the ones I want to stick around never stay and why do the ones I want to rid of never go away? Ohhh life you are funny!

Yesterday my horoscope said that people will tell me to lower my standards and that I should tell them they need to raise theirs. That is seriously the story of my life and partly why I am proud of where I am, I wonder though what aspect of my life that could be referring to: love, career or all? I feel like I am way too young to settle for anything just yet so what’s wrong with having expectations? The hurt of¬†disappointment¬†is obviously the easiest answer but I also see a catch 22 with the whole situation because without expectations I won’t have goals to give me the drive I have to do anything useful, and with them I will be bound to see some sorrow. How to work the ways of the universe is something I just have not yet mastered. My blog will just become something like a bad novel people will be curious to see play out, the denument is usually the part people are most interested in isn’t it? Am I already climaxing, or is there more to come?

On yet another note, I registered for my last 2 university undergraduate classes today and booked a grad trip to Mazatlan! What an exciting feeling =) Also I listened to Cuban Cigar Crisis on Pirate Cat radio in San Fran and it was a bad ass station, I got some sweet new tunes from my listening sesh!

Deltron3030 – Upgrade
Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass
The Shins – Caring is Creepy
The Rural Alberta Advantage – Don’t Haunt this Place
Thievery Corporation РRichest Man in Babylon
Iron and Wine – Die

I have recently gotten a new puppy and I almost forgot some of the annoying things people say when you have ¬†a pet that I didn’t miss!

1. When you are bringing your dog somewhere: “Okay but if he pees on my ….”
Seriously? My dog does more than just pee everywhere.

2. “I think he wants out.”
Despite the fact that I may have just let the dog out 5 minutes ago and witnessed him doing his business in action other people always seem to think they can read my dog’s mind and that it always says he is ready to pee.

3. When the dog is begging for food: “I just gave him a piece so he would stop begging…”
You do realize that is just going to make him want more, thus keep begging? There is a reason I said don’t feed the dog from your plate.

4. “I don’t understand why people have pets/dogs.”
Well you don’t have to? I like having a furry friend who is super awesome to hang out with who cares what you think.

5. ¬†“Ahhh he’s chewing on something, ahhh loook…”
90% of the time it is his CHEW toy, ugh.

People always feel the need to give their 2 cents even when their 2 cents isn’t buying anything useful, enough already! For flip saaaakes!


Here is to hoping that spring is in the air! Happy reading week everyone who is fortunate enough to have it ūüėČ

Take a moment to appreciate life's natural beauty

Should listens:
Angels and Airwaves – ¬†Everything’s Magic
Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma
SNFU – Painful Reminder
Rogue Wave Р Nourishment Nation
Dan Mangan – Sold
From Autumn to Ashes – Daylight Savings

A friend of mine and her boyfriend introduced me to gnocchi last weekend and after enjoying it and learning how simple the ingredients were I tried to make my own today. Beginners luck turns out to work for me and I had myself a delicious dinner tonight! Since it was so simple and delish I decided to share my recipe:

– 3 potatoes
– 1 egg
– 1 cup of flour (to start)

  • Wash the potatoes and peel potatoes.
  • In a pot big enough to contain the potatoes, boil water. When the water comes to a boil, add the potatoes and boil them until they are soft. You can check they are done with a fork. If they pierce easily and seem mashable, they are good to move onto the next step.
  • Remove the potatoes from the pot and place them in a mixing bowl.
  • With a potato masher mash the potatoes well.
  • Once the potatoes are mashed into a relatively smooth consistency, add the egg and mix it in with the potatoes.
  • Add the flour into the mix bit by bit. Using floured hands blend the mixture and kneed it into a dough. Ultimately the dough should be not too firm and not too soft and sticky. The potatoes may absorb a lot of flour, so keep adding flour until the right doughy consistency is reached.

    Mm dough!

  • Pull off a chunk of dough and roll it on a lightly floured cutting board into a long tube shape.

    Lovely roll ready to be cut

  • Using a sharp knife, cut about half-inch pieces from the roll (these are the gnocchi). To give them a finish, lightly press them into a fork to form grooves in the gnocchi. ‚ÄúRoll‚ÄĚ the gnocchi off the fork with the thumb. The whole motion should be like a ‚Äúdrop and roll‚ÄĚ Drop the gnocchi on the fork and roll it off with the thumb. Ideally it will fold the gnocchi almost into a seashell.

    Small pieces are hard to cut, trying to make sure you get even pieces makes the next step easier.

  • Place the finished gnocchi onto a flat surface. If they‚Äôre one on top of the other, they will stick together and potentially make for a gooey mass when it comes time to cook them.

    Even though they look somewhat deformed they tasted delicious!

  • To cook the gnocchi, boil water. When the water is boiling, add the gnocchi. They are cooked when they rise and float to the top of the water. They should cook within five minutes.

    Messy stove top oops.

  • VOILA!

    Read more at Suite101: The Best Authentic Italian Gnocchi Recipe: Three-Ingredient Potato Dumplings http://recipes.suite101.com/article.cfm/the_best_classic_italian_gnocchi_recipe#ixzz0fUbVQqT0

    Would it crash blowing 80 miles an hour?

    This weekend I finally watched some movies I had been waiting to see for a while, including Hurt Locker and (500) Days of Summer. I always find it rather interesting to watch these movies that get rave reviews after the fact but were never accepted into the mainstream like most of the other junk that does. It really does appear that some (in my opinion most) of the best movies are those that are the initially “unknown”.

    Despite the fact that these movies often have fairly well known mainstream actors and actresses, their non-simplistic plots and lack in¬†predictability¬†make them unwelcome at the mega theatre. I find it refreshing to see a film that has a¬†surprising¬†end to it, or that made me think and doesn’t make me regret spending my hard earned cash dollars on seeing it. The only way to ruin them for me now is to make a sequel!

    Specifically in accordance to my current life events and emotions (500) Days of Summer was especially intriguing for me.  The story made me reflect on a lot of elements in my own life and almost rethink my last blog. Although the story was beautiful, it was equally tragic.  The greatest point it brought into reflection for me was the point of expectations versus reality:


    Are expectations detrimental to our well being? Are they possible to overcome? Can we really just live in the reality?

    The movie also, like many of the “unknowns”,¬†has a rad soundtrack. Some of my songs listed are found on the soundtrack, sweet sweet sounds!

    Carla Bruni – Quelqu’un m’a dit
    Dan Mangan – So Much for Everyone
    The Script – Talk you Down
    Mumm-Ra – She’s got you High
    Wolfmother – Vagabond
    Regina Spektor – Hero

    Lately from the collection of blogs I have written and the “hardships” I appear to be suffering from people get the impression that I am unhappy. I do have to admit that sometimes I do sound like an emo, especially when you take into consideration the music I list following the “downer” blog entry but I would like to clarify that I am not unhappy, I am just incomplete. I tend to be a very analytical and deep thinking person, thus I enjoy using my blogs as a way to do so and reflect by rereading what I have written, unfortunately for me it comes¬†across¬†differently for some readers. I find it rather hard to take something at face value most of the time or believe everything I hear the first time around, as terrible a quality that may or may not be.

    I have a group of very close friends and we have all tried to maintain a close connection and make time for each other, even when I was in a relationship I saw them as much as I could because I truly enjoy being around them. Nowadays however I feel like that connection has been a little lost and as the tables turn and I am the only single friend I am alone. I don’t resent them for being “happy” or for their being in relationships I just resent the fact that it seems so difficult to maintain friendships. As I find myself in this situation, like I previously blogged, I feel like there is less and less keeping me here.

    Naturally, I have been reflecting on my friendships and the special bond that each of us share and although I love them and the relationships we have I feel as though the only person that ever fully understood me or made me feel fulfilled was my last boyfriend. I hate to be one of those people who seem to never get over a past relationship but I feel strongly that there are certain people in life who you are meant to encounter and he was definitely one of them. From the way we met to the way everything developed and still has its hold on me, there is something unique and puzzling about it all. I realize I was the one who severed our relationship and I did it because I felt like it was missing something but now I wonder if that was really it. At this stage in my life, 7 months after the official end to our labelled coupling, and roughly 3 months after the official end to civil conversation with one another I am missing our connection more than ever and as such I feel like I am incomplete.

    I don’t entirely know how one is suppose to overcome these feelings or if they are suppose to be overcome but I am really struggling to figure things out. Like I mentioned, I am honestly not unhappy; I have much to be grateful for not to mention the fact that all of my hard academic work is finally coming to an end and I have a lot of accomplishments to be proud of, but something is missing. 2010 is going to be an exciting year for me on so many levels I just feel like there is no one I can honestly share completely how I feel about it all. Some may argue that time will “heal” and that I will get past this stage but I just don’t know, the feelings I have I don’t actively conjure up or force ¬†myself to have, they overcome me and I have no choice in the matter, which is why I am finding this so difficult.

    The fact that it has been so long and we have been apart for a significant amount of time really makes me believe distance makes the heart grow fonder. My appreciation for the friendship we shared and just the presence of this person in my life has increased greatly and it is strange how time makes you realize more dual faults than the one sided bad habits you were blinded by at the time. Partly probably due to this newly developed respect for the relationship through the¬†reflection¬†of our past, anger appears too. To think that we both experienced the same relationship but now we don’t even as much as talk to each other is no less than upsetting.

    How can this all be overcome? Is it suppose to be overcome? How many people in your lifetime are you suppose to feel unexplainable connections to? Are we ever suppose to feel complete forever or is it something that is always going to come and go?

    I have confidence in my feelings and it feels rather good to get them loosely into words regardless of the fact that I still have no answers and don’t intend on finding any soon. Some may still think this whole blog was a crock of BS or that I have just overthought my existence but I am glad I wrote it!

    Happy Monday to all, another week is upon us.

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