Today was the designated day to speak out about the proposed tuition increases on campus. As previously mentioned I am furious about the proposal and I won’t even be going back to school in the fall, but I am pretty good at seeing something that is complete bullshit when I see it and I still feel strongly about the whole situation.

How does a university justify a tuition increase upwards to 47% through a “market modifier”? I am sorry but the University of Calgary, and probably others, have lost their roots. It appears to be all about money and the market now and less about the desire to give students a quality education. Again as I have already mentioned in my four years at the university I have seen a lot of tuition increases and no increases in the quality of education I receive. Oh wait I did notice the arrival of new plush leather chairs in Machall a year or so ago. Plush leather is important to have of course, practical less costly furniture definitely would not have sufficed afterall.

Despite the vast areas in need of improvement and the lack of understanding where my money actually goes, the thing that makes me most angry about this whole situation is the fact that it is known that the University of Calgary was one of the largest Canadian investors in sub-prime mortgages. As we all know, those went over really well. You would think an institute of well educated people would have been able to figure that out for themselves rather than gamble away our money wouldn’t you?

The U of C needs to find a way to fix their own mistakes that is not at the expense of its students. Accountability, is key.

“They don’t want poets, they want pigeons on a stool.”

For those interested the chart for the proposed amounts and the provost’s justifications:

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