Finding a career for post graduate life is becoming such a burden. I never realized how difficult it could really become. I feel so discouraged when I see a job that seems like a dream and then the qualifications are way above what I could offer within the next 10 years. How is a new graduate suppose to find a job in their field when no one wants them?! Internships, the majority of them at least, even require you to be at least enrolled in a graduate studies program. We are told to go to university so we can get good jobs but once you have a degree you still can’t get the job you went to school for.

I have applied to a few places, but I am not even sure if I went about applying the right way or if I even have a chance. I also find myself confused with the U of C’s graduation process as although I finish in June I don’t get to convocate until November and it seems to make everything that much more difficult. Needless to say I am going to be really glad when I finally get a job somewhere and don’t have to keep worrying about all these technicalities.

Some tell me I have too high of expectations due to my strong desire to relocate but I don’t think it seems that far fetched considering I did spend my entire undergraduate experience learning about the world thus applying that knowledge would be a logical desire?

My bond to this city that is my home town continues to disintegrate and I know in my heart I won’t be happy if I am stuck here. I have wanted to get away for so long and now that I will be free to do so I want it even more. Lately I feel as though I am destined to leave anyhow, there is nothing tying me here. I love my friends and I would miss them dearly but they are all in relationships and lead new lives, my family all have things of their own to do and sadly enough there is only one person in this city I would stay here for and I am already apart from them making my absence from Calgary seem of no consequence.

I have up to present day applied for:
– an internship at TOMS
– a general application to TOMS
– a job in Haiti with CARE
– a general application to Save the Children Canada
– a general application to the Red Cross
– a job teaching English in South Korea

Luckily I heard back from one, and will be having an interview with the company that places teachers in Korea on the 16th. What my future holds, who knows but I am excited for it to play out and take me somewhere exciting.

Anyone with information on jobs for a new Political Science graduate feel free to send me a message!

Soothing sounds for my runny nose and I today:
The Panics – Lazyitis
Metric –  Rock me Now
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Shame and Fortune
Silversun Pickups – Catch and Release
The Fray – Ungodly Hour