Would it crash blowing 80 miles an hour?

This weekend I finally watched some movies I had been waiting to see for a while, including Hurt Locker and (500) Days of Summer. I always find it rather interesting to watch these movies that get rave reviews after the fact but were never accepted into the mainstream like most of the other junk that does. It really does appear that some (in my opinion most) of the best movies are those that are the initially “unknown”.

Despite the fact that these movies often have fairly well known mainstream actors and actresses, their non-simplistic plots and lack in predictability make them unwelcome at the mega theatre. I find it refreshing to see a film that has a surprising end to it, or that made me think and doesn’t make me regret spending my hard earned cash dollars on seeing it. The only way to ruin them for me now is to make a sequel!

Specifically in accordance to my current life events and emotions (500) Days of Summer was especially intriguing for me.  The story made me reflect on a lot of elements in my own life and almost rethink my last blog. Although the story was beautiful, it was equally tragic.  The greatest point it brought into reflection for me was the point of expectations versus reality:


Are expectations detrimental to our well being? Are they possible to overcome? Can we really just live in the reality?

The movie also, like many of the “unknowns”, has a rad soundtrack. Some of my songs listed are found on the soundtrack, sweet sweet sounds!

Carla Bruni – Quelqu’un m’a dit
Dan Mangan – So Much for Everyone
The Script – Talk you Down
Mumm-Ra – She’s got you High
Wolfmother – Vagabond
Regina Spektor – Hero