I have recently gotten a new puppy and I almost forgot some of the annoying things people say when you have  a pet that I didn’t miss!

1. When you are bringing your dog somewhere: “Okay but if he pees on my ….”
Seriously? My dog does more than just pee everywhere.

2. “I think he wants out.”
Despite the fact that I may have just let the dog out 5 minutes ago and witnessed him doing his business in action other people always seem to think they can read my dog’s mind and that it always says he is ready to pee.

3. When the dog is begging for food: “I just gave him a piece so he would stop begging…”
You do realize that is just going to make him want more, thus keep begging? There is a reason I said don’t feed the dog from your plate.

4. “I don’t understand why people have pets/dogs.”
Well you don’t have to? I like having a furry friend who is super awesome to hang out with who cares what you think.

5.  “Ahhh he’s chewing on something, ahhh loook…”
90% of the time it is his CHEW toy, ugh.

People always feel the need to give their 2 cents even when their 2 cents isn’t buying anything useful, enough already! For flip saaaakes!