I am having a moment, one of those which alter your ability to cohesively gather your thoughts. I have so many things I feel like I want to say about so many random and various topics I don’t know where to start or where to go with it all. As a result the following is really just a muck of mind wanderings (this is truly a mind wanderings blog!!).

I said I would boycott the Olympics and it definitely did not last long, starting with the opening ceremonies. Good job Ashley.  I am glad Canada is doing really well in their events, but I almost feel bad for a lot of the athletes as it seems like there has been a lot of drama for them to sift through (huge injuries, shady practices, etc.).  Needless to say, as interesting as I have found the games to be this past 2 weeks I don’t see why it is necessary for the mall to have giant TVs in the middle of the building with a lounging area set up, nor do I see why my work needed to move a TV into the lobby for people to lounge around the bank all day watching Olympics.

Does it seem somewhat upsetting that free thinkers never get the kudos they deserve until after they are gone? Then again would they have been as significant if they were recognized in their time? Did their persecution have a large affect on the way they are perceived now? Are they only “recognized” years later because their beliefs aren’t seen as great of a threat? Does the time that has elapsed give more room for “safe” interpretation? Has “freethinking” become trendy? How many of the people who currently claim to challenge the norm will be married middle aged people with 2 kids and a dog in the suburbs? Just some food for thought that came rushing into my mind during Tuesday’s history lecture, sadly I have more questions than answers on this one.

The job market and I are not getting along, I am getting so worried that I won’t find something I love. I realize people say that you will have many careers in your lifetime but I don’t want to keep working jobs I don’t enjoy once I am done my degree otherwise what was the point of going to school and acquiring 25k in debt? I want so badly to land a rad job with some sort of international focus and positive aim, is that so hard to ask?

Dating is such shit, I have endless bad dating stories it seems. I love getting to know people but lately I am so intolerant of the people I have been dating. Figuring out whether they are worth exploring or all wrong for me has never seemed to easy, and it is a good thing but also sort of irritating because I have never felt so bummed to be having a conversation with another person. I went for coffee the other day and as soon as I gulped my drink I was ready to leave, none of that filler convo was flying with me. Today on the other hand I encountered a lovely boy, who I wasn’t on a date with but had such easy, interesting (although brief) conversation and for the first time in a long time he left me wanting more! Why do the ones I want to stick around never stay and why do the ones I want to rid of never go away? Ohhh life you are funny!

Yesterday my horoscope said that people will tell me to lower my standards and that I should tell them they need to raise theirs. That is seriously the story of my life and partly why I am proud of where I am, I wonder though what aspect of my life that could be referring to: love, career or all? I feel like I am way too young to settle for anything just yet so what’s wrong with having expectations? The hurt of disappointment is obviously the easiest answer but I also see a catch 22 with the whole situation because without expectations I won’t have goals to give me the drive I have to do anything useful, and with them I will be bound to see some sorrow. How to work the ways of the universe is something I just have not yet mastered. My blog will just become something like a bad novel people will be curious to see play out, the denument is usually the part people are most interested in isn’t it? Am I already climaxing, or is there more to come?

On yet another note, I registered for my last 2 university undergraduate classes today and booked a grad trip to Mazatlan! What an exciting feeling =) Also I listened to Cuban Cigar Crisis on Pirate Cat radio in San Fran and it was a bad ass station, I got some sweet new tunes from my listening sesh!

Deltron3030 – Upgrade
Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass
The Shins – Caring is Creepy
The Rural Alberta Advantage – Don’t Haunt this Place
Thievery Corporation – Richest Man in Babylon
Iron and Wine – Die