I decided to made a little picture dedication to my top five favorite women. The list is women that most people would recognize, trust me I do love my mom, aunts, friends, etc. but coming up with a top five would be hard.

ANGELINA JOLIE - Great actress, philanthropist and natural beauty. Many have mixed feelings about her but I admire her honesty and work she has done towards a greater good.

AUDREY HEPBURN - Also a great actress, philanthropist and classic beauty. One of the original great actresses she set a great example for women to follow.

MARIE ANTOINETTE - A true personality that has survived the test of time and a woman who wasn't afraid to be herself. She was also largely responsible for the beauty that is Versailles

MICHAELLE JEAN - Despite the controversy that surrounds her she holds an extremely high post in Canada which she has worked hard to earn. As an extremely well educated woman whose life here started as a Haitian refugee she has seen herself come a long way.

EVA PERON - Woman who was extremely vital to change in Argentina and also passionate about the well being of people around the world.