Not that I want to ever shut my brain off or stop thinking because knowledge truly is power, but sometimes I get to thinking that it might be a nice treat for a second or two. I wanted to be responsible and go to bed early last night especially since I need to make up for lost sleep from the weekend however my good intentions just did not quite pan out. Unless I am thoroughly exhausted when I decide to go to bed I find my brain going into overtime and pumping out intense thoughts. What gives?

I still haven’t decided if it is a good thing or a bad thing that my most productive thoughts come during the wee hours of the night while laying in bed? Last night I am pretty sure I made several last minute decisions including the change to my lunch for work today, what time I wanted to wake up, the topic of my 464 paper and how I wanted to do my hair in the morning. Among decisions made I also talked myself out of regurgitating publicly the sentiments in my heart to the wrong person and/or my lovely here blog. The strange thing is while I run through my feelings over and over again I almost attempt to revamp them, or perfect them even, and I don’t really understand how that works or if it even makes sense but it’s flipping intense. At some point I finally get this idea in my  head that how I feel about things is correct, that I need to continue listening to my body and that the its just my means of commucation that isn’t quite parallel with the true nature of my feelings.

Wouldn’t perfect and always “correctly” interpreted communication just make everything a whole lot easier? My poor brain, I hope it appreciates all the activity of my youth while it is available. If communication is the only problem and my feelings aren’t “wrong” then what am I suppose to do with them?

Listening to:
Dragonette – Take it like a Man
Alexisonfire – Sharks and Danger
David Guetta & Kid Cudi – Memories
Bedouin Soundclash – When the Night Feels my Song
Silversun Pickups – The Royal We
Jason Mraz – I’m Yours
Sublime – Santeria